Mobile RV Academy releases 2017 schedule

SOMERVILLE, Texas — Mobile RV Academy has just released its 2017 United States schedule for its 5 Day RV Technician Apprenticeship Training Program.

For the last five years, Mobile RV Academy has traveled across the United States training RV technicians, RV inspectors and campground RV maintenance technicians. This 5 Day RV Technician Apprenticeship Training has provided the core knowledge for these hands on learners to develop their technical skills to be successful, a release from Mobile RV Academy reported.

The cost for each student to attend the 5 Day RV Technician Apprenticeship Training and take home with them their Certificate of Complete, training manuals of the course material, NRVIA Test Procedure Clipboard and the bonus tools they will have learned to use (Amp clamp Volt Ohm Meter, 0-35” WC – Manometer LP gas pressure tester and a GFCI polarity tester) is $1,644.

Lodging and meals are not included in this price. To maximize the hands on learning experience it is strongly suggested students bring an RV that they can stay in at the campground so they can utilize the RV as their lodging and also their labs.

The RV Maintenance Course consists of five days of hands on training sessions:

Day 1: RV Electrical Systems

  • Understanding the three RV electrical systems
  • Direct current circuits and their applications

Day 2: RV Electrical Systems continued

  • Alternating current circuits and their applications
  • Learning to use the Volt Ohm Meter with troubleshooting tips and short cuts with hands on labs

Day 3: Propane & Water Systems

  • Propane system & leak testing with hands-on labs
  • The two RV water systems – an overview of this city on wheels

Day 4: RV Appliances

  • Refrigerators – How they work and how to troubleshoot the most common issues
  • Air Conditioners – How they work and the things we can do to improve their operations
  • Hands-on labs on both appliances

Day 5: RV Appliances continued

  • Water Heaters – The two major brands and how they heat and maintain water temperature
  • Furnaces – The three major brands, how they function and troubleshooting the most common issues
  • Hands-on-labs on appliances
  • RV Exterior Systems  – Slide outs and leveling systems, roofs and sidewalls, and the most common problems

Upcoming Training dates currently scheduled in are in Texas:

North Texas – Canton, Texas at Mill Creek RV Resort
Feb. 13 – 17, with the Prep Class on Feb. 18

South Texas – New Braunfels, Texas at Hill Country RV Park
March 20 – 24, with a Prep Class on March 25

For Questions about Locations near you or to reserve the seat for your technician(s), contact Terry Cooper – The Texas RV Professor at 254.715.7388, or by email

SOURCE: Mobile RV Academy press release

Darian Armer

Darian Armer

Darian Armer was the assistant editor for RV Daily Report from 2015 to 2017. She lives in Billings, Montana, where she enjoys spending time with her husband, twins and three stepchildren. Introduced to the RV industry in 2012, she is happy to be writing for one of the greatest industries around.

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