Medium: People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves

From the bloggers at Medium:

In 1963, Pepsi hired a young advertising executive named Alan Pottasch to address the issue of Pepsi’s brand ethos. It was  indecisive and directionless — a fragmented shell of what it would need to become to take on Coke.

Pottasch’s task was, to put it gently, difficult. He was to reinvigorate a brand competing against one of the most successful of all time, a product that not only outclassed Pepsi in every consumer-driven category, but was also — chemically — nearly identical.

So, Pottasch made a decision that would later become iconic — as he put it, “…to stop talking about the product, and start talking about the user.” The Pepsi Generation was born.

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