Lippert promotes Brian Hess to VP of innovation

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ELKHART — Lippert Components announces today that Brian Hess has been promoted to the role of vice president of Innovation. In his new role, Hess will work to develop innovative product solutions across all industries the company serves.

Hess will work with the LCI innovation teams across the company to influence product innovation for the RV industry as well as the other markets LCI serves, including marine, residential building products, university and hotel accommodations, and other important leisure and mobile transportation markets.

“Product innovation has always been an area of strength for us. With Brian’s promotion, we’re amplifying our innovation efforts across the entire Company in order to achieve our goal of bringing even more product innovation to our customers on a consistent basis,” commented Andy Murray, LCI’s chief sales officer. “Brian’s education and background, combined with over a decade of experience, make him uniquely qualified for his new role. With the support of our talented innovation teams, we know he will excel and continue to fuel product innovation.”

Previously, Hess served as the company’s director of sales for the Chassis Division and, most recently, as director of sales, towables. Hess has been with the company for more than six years and has a strong background within the RV industry.

With the promotion of Hess, the company plans to take its product innovation to the next level and to identify the key insights and trends that will shape the products of the future.

“I’m very excited to take on this new role at LCI. In order to support our mission of making lives better for the people and industries we serve through the products that we develop, my primary focus will be to create a culture of innovation by ensuring that all team members, suppliers, partners, retail customers, and end users are engaged in the innovation process,” stated Hess.

SOURCE: Lippert Components press release

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith is a Wisconsin native currently living in Illinois with her husband, Eric, and two dogs, Maggie and Grace. She enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and, of course, camping in cabins and park models.

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  • Bob says:

    Congrats but here is a idea for someone who can supposedly make a difference in the RV industry….. that would be to require anyone who designs RV floor plans or promotes RVing in shape form or fashion to actually not only own one but to live in one for a month and I guarantee that the RV floorplans would not only improve but actually make sense….. Most of the idiots that design and build these dont even own a RV much live in one to see how people who actually do full time RV for life have to use the ill-designed or idiot designed as i like to call it and if they did they would definitely change the way they look work feel and ride and might even see how a great design by those who do live in them feel and could be actually effective in what when and where they put things in RV units….Thanks for listening now go get them tiger and make a difference in the world of RVing….. Good Luck

  • Frank says:

    Hey Brian, time for you to shine and be a true leader for CHANGE…… meaning change the way people build these moving home on wheels…… I agree with Bob that the designers of these RV’s obviously dont live in them otherwise they would definitely change the design such as putting a stove next to a couch which is going to get grease splatter ( hey Campers like bacon and it does create splatter) or put the washer and dryer in a hallway with doors that only open outward and creates a box that you cant fit a child in between much less a grown adult. Or put cabinets so high that a jolly green graint would need to be the owner of. Or not put a heated underbelly in a travel trailer and call it “4seasons”. Not have a wiring schematic on a 200+k Rig and then you call the manufacturer only to be told oh we dont put a schematic as we didnt have time to do that and even worse we dont know exactly how its wired because their is ONE guy who does it and he’s to busy to write it down…… Come on manufacturers get in the ball game better yet go buy one of the ones you designed or manufactured and try living in it for a solid 3 months and see if you like your work after you do…. If you have to start drinking your own Kotla I’d you will care about what goes in it and make it a lot more pleasing to suit everyone’s taste ….. try and see if what i say is logic and full of truth…… So Brian GO GETTEM BIG BOY and be the change agent as we all should be for the world. Oh and buy the way the way to enter the government shutdown is to not pay the politicians for 3 months for every day its shutdown and i bet it would never cease to work smoothly…. but again we all get to vote people in and out of office come elesction time…. Thanks for listening.

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