How GAP marketing benefits RV businesses

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By Nate Morse
Head of Conversion Marketing

The RV industry has grown more competitive over the last few years. With more people appreciating the value of travel and choosing to take road trips instead of plane rides, investing in an RV camper is making perfect sense. However, RV dealers are racing against each other to capture the attention of RV buyers and, hopefully, close a sale.

If you work at one of those RV dealerships that already tried almost every strategy out there, but still hasn’t seen any good results, you might want to explore the concept of “gap” marketing.

The distance between Point A, the research phase to buy an RV, and Point Z, when the RV is actually purchased, is referred to as the “gap.”

Marketing experts know that the “gap” is one of the most crucial parts of the RV sales process, and what you do at this stage could determine if your dealership closes the sale or not.

RV buyers are on a journey that starts with education, and ends with the purchase of a recreation vehicle. Our research shows that RV buyers are only connecting with a dealer’s website when they have narrowed their search to a specific unit, and only because they still have questions about that particular brand or model.

Buyers in the early stages of their journey really don’t have a compelling reason to call or visit an RV dealership. That means most dealers are losing an insane amount of opportunity.

In fact, we have found that most dealerships are converting less than 1% of traffic coming to their website — traffic that the dealership has paid to receive via blogs and online advertising.

Gap marketing is a strategy has been proven to help RV dealerships gain more active shoppers and turn them into sales conversations that eventually lead to conversions. We named our company GAP Marketing to help dealers better understand this process and take advantage of the opportunities they are missing.

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with Gap Marketing:

Expert advice from marketing authorities

GAP Marketing was developed with RV dealerships in mind. Our team has done countless research to really understand the RV buyer’s journey, from the moment he searches for an RV dealer to the time he sits down with a salesperson to sign the contract.

When your dealership takes on GAP Marketing, the staff will be given expert advice on what exact steps to take to help buyers get through the gap stage and eventually decide on buying an RV from you.

Conversations that lead to conversions

GAP marketing has been proven to increase engagement by 99% and those who tried it have experienced increases as high as 1,274% in the number of buyers they interact with every month.

Since GAP Marketing is focused on RV dealerships, it’s easy for marketing experts to determine how to target consumers who have shown interest in buying an RV. GAP Marketing lets you reach out to consumers more efficiently so their curiosity is fed with the right information to help them make an informed buying decision.

A time-tested leads system

Lead generation is one of the most important parts of the sales process, and it is also one of the most challenging. While you can easily get leads almost anywhere, finding leads that convert to sales is another story.

But with GAP Marketing, you will be able to enjoy access to a time-tested leads system that’s specifically designed to fill your RV dealership’s pipeline with active consumers. This system focuses on filling that gap between you and the thousands of shoppers that visit and leave your website every day.

It opens an opportunity to interact with interested buyers and help them go through the buyer’s journey successfully. There is still so much to discover with the concept of gap marketing, so don’t hesitate to be one of those lucky enough to enjoy its benefits.

You will not only see sales numbers moving up, but you’ll also be able to cut down marketing costs without sacrificing results. And the best part is, everything is done for you, so you don’t have to worry about staying on top of things and have more time on the other aspects of your RV business.

This video explains more about what GAP Marketing can do for RV dealerships.

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Nate Morse

Nate Morse

Born and raised in Michigan, Nate Morse has been exposed to the great outdoors and all it has to offer.  While he never had the opportunity to go camping in an RV as a child, it was his first RV show that had him hooked on the RVing lifestyle and the freedom and experiences it has to offer young and old alike.

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