Hammill tells Canadian TV station he is not to blame for Hymer’s demise

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KITCHENER, Ontario — Jim Hammill, the former CEO of Erwin Hymer Group North America before his termination last month, told a Canadian television station that he is not to blame for the company’s demise.

CTV noted that Hammill claimed to have received threats against himself and his family. He also indicated that he reported the threats to local police.

According to CTV, Hammill empathizes with the now-fired workers and understands their frustration, but he said he is not to blame.

He declined to be interviewed when a CTV crew showed up at his home Tuesday. Howevever, he sent an email to CTV three hours later. The station posted an image of the message as part of its broadcast.

In it, Hammill said the Hymer family’s decision to sell the company imposed “tremendous extra work” on the staff to show the company to many potential buyers.

“That work was extremely tough on the staff of our company, in many cases doubling the hours of people and ruining many lives,” Hammill wrote.

“Personally, the doubled hours demanded took their toll on myself and the other team members,” he added. “Performance demands were ridiculous and demands made to do more and more. Normal big corporation stuff, I suppose.”

Hammill noted that company had been sold in the past, but he was “stunned with the impact and speed that was taken to dismantle a company and a brand that had been around since 1974.”

The video report can be found at CTV News.

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber

A journalist who has covered the recreation vehicle industry since January 2000, Greg Gerber founded RV Daily Report on April Fool's Day in 2009. He also serves as the editor of the publication and website. As an Eagle Scout, he has enjoyed camping for decades and has visited every state except Hawaii. A DODO -- Dad of Daughters Only -- to three young women, he has two grandchildren as well. He currently splits his time between Wisconsin, Texas and Arizona. Greg can be reached at editor@rvdailyreport.com.

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  • RoadtrekOwner says:

    Were you able to read the rest of the email? The resolution was too poor on my screen.

  • Laid off employee says:

    He so full of it. He’s the person responsible for tanking the company. Not Hymer. Or Thor. Or anyone not named Jim Hammill or Howard Stratton.

  • Chris B says:

    Unfortunately Hammill is correct that it wasn’t he but the Hymer’s that chose to throw the the company and its employees into receivership and to the curb so they could keep all of the 2.1 billion a very selfish decision… However the fact is that Hammill, Stratton & Weigel are solely responsible for the 300 million in debt, and the fake closing and invoicing of thousands of units so that they could continue to rake in their equal to salary bonuses (which should all be returned), along with employing siblings into positions reporting directly to them that they were never qualified for, as a matter of fact if Hymer would have paid the least bit of attention to the day to day running of the business they would have come to the same conclusion that the three at the top weren’t qualified either, and to allow a megalomaniac like Stratton (who was hand picked by Hammill) to be in complete control of the operation was absurd… This is the only reason the warranty claims for the horrible implementations of the 3000 watt inverters, solar charging systems and worst of all the lithium batteries are off the charts, all by way of KS2 corp. another family related company. If a true investigation is completed the truth will come out and all three should end up in jail for what they’ve done, and never allowed to maintain positions like this ever again, but you can be sure that with the legal system as it is today they will all walk away scott free with no financial lose, while the rest of us are left to suffer in debt. As for Jim Hammill offering to supply references to anyone who wants one… Does anyone really want one from the guy directly responsible for the ruin of the company… And last but not least he is only worried about what people think about him and that it’s not his fault, but where is the apology he owes to each and every employees, owners and dealers that have been left out in the cold!!! because of his arrogant greedy actions.

    • Fritz says:

      Chris is complete correct with his statements. There is proof of wrong doings and corruption in the top management (Hammill, Stratton and Weigel) but for the Hymer family it is cheaper for them to just wash it all away with a bankruptcy. The only thing that the employees can do now is push on and find different jobs. Good luck to anyone buying the remains of Roadtrek – you will be purchasing a real mess and a lot of headaches going forward. Why? Hammill and Stratton designed your units from 2008 and later. Their engineering skills are on par with their financial skills.

  • Dumpster Fire says:

    Chris you nailed it !! If the 300 million in debt dumpster fire wasn’t created by Jim and his cronies the sale would have included the North American division. How Jim can say it’s not his fault? either that makes him very simple and was a patsy or so arrogant he feels he is untouchable. I could go either way. I’m sure the Hymer family is so emabarassed by this debacle that they want to sweep it under the rug as fast as possible. I doubt anyone pursues criminal charges.

  • Weworkedthere says:

    Right on Chris… How dare he…his own hockey team has asked him not to represent them any longer. Shame on the Hymer children for allowing this to continue so long. If they had done their due diligence, they would have found “irregularities ” with IOP. None of it makes business sense but one thing is forever…THOR INDUSTRIES has won and wiped not only Erwin Hymer, but the Roadtrek brand out of North America….didn’t take long with these “chuckleheads” at the hem.. Right on time, as planned, if you ask me…. Who’s going to put up an offer?… Keep your eye on THOR Industries……

  • Roadtrek Owner says:

    Interesting that Mark Weigel (EHGNA) director and Peter Perley (GVP) of EHGUSA, LP both worked for CTM Turnarounds! Weigel, a “CRISIS CFO, CASHFLOW WIZARD”, did not know about EHGNA’S financial problems?

    Background from CTM Turnarounds http://www.turnaround-ctm.com/our_experience.htm shown below.

    Peter J. Perley: Turnaround COO, Strategy ” Make it Happen Person
    Perley has been problem solving since 70’s
    Nominated Entrepreneur of the Year 1995 

    Mark E. Weigel: Crisis CFO, Cashflow wizard
    Court appointed MGT Team increased value of Public Company by $60 million
    CTM, through Peter J. Perley and Mark E. Weigel have been actively involved in multi-functional company problem solving, turnaround management and value improvement for close to 40 years collectively.
    We also have experts in IT Marketing, Public Relations and all phases of business operations
    Please feel free to look through our principals resumes:

    Peter Perley Group Vice President of OPERATIONSCompany Name Erwin Hymer Group USA lp Dates Employed May 2018 – Present Employment Duration 10 mos Location Ontario California
    Amazing business expansion manufacturing custom automotive Jeep builds   First 2 months we progressed from 0 to 200 plus   Exciting fast track expansion to $100 million   Now have 3 facilities with exceptionally talented, high energy teams
    Group Vice of OPERATIONSCompany Name Erwin Hymer Group USA lp Dates Employed May 2018 – Present Employment Duration 10 mos Location Ontario California
    Amazing business expansion manufacturing custom automotive Jeep builds   First 2 months we progressed from 0 to 200 plus   Exciting fast track expansion to $100 million   Now have 3 facilities with exceptionally talented, high energy teams

  • Sher says:

    Jim Hammill, Howard Stratton, and Mark Weigel were all terminated effective immediately when the irregularities were found. But if that’s true, then why would there be talks about Mark Weigel (CFO) of all people continuing to work for the company? Because of his turnaround business, mentioned in the above comments? In one of Gerber’s other articles, a comment advised to Google Mark Weigel and Peter Perley. Everything seems to be speculation with nothing being confirmed from the company nor Hymer kids. It’s easy to point the blame at the CEO for being the root cause of this tragedy, but what about the CFO? When researching Mark Weigel, it doesn’t appear that this is his first go-around with a catastrophe of this nature as the head of finance. But maybe I’m just getting too old for this hogwash.

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