Furrion launches new rooftop antenna and WiFi router

ELKHART, Ind. — Furrion, a global leader of innovative products and solutions for the specialty vehicle market, today unveils Furrion Access, a state-of-the-art 360 degree signal reception rooftop antenna and a LTE Wi-Fi Router used in tandem with Furrion flexible 4G LTE prepaid data plans that provides unparralled nationwide coverage ensuring consumers can stay connected no matter where the adventure takes them. Furrion Access is transforming the way people experience the world, the way we work and the way we travel.

The Furrion Access Antenna can receive a signal from every point; regardless of the direction you are travelling, eliminating frustrating dead spots. Its ability to receive and amplify VHF, UHF, FM, AM and 4G LTE signals makes Furrion Access a unique solution on the market that is able to ensure your RV is always connected wherever you go.

Adding more convenience for customers, Furrion will offer an add-on LTE Wi-Fi Router that pairs with the Furrion Access Antenna. The Wi-Fi booster is a snap in option that extends the external Wi-Fi and offers consumers a range of 400 feet so they can watch the program or check their email securely from anywhere in the RV. The combination of Furrion Access Antenna and the LTE Wi-Fi router is perfect for those who have taken life on the road as they now have the reliability to check email, fast uploads and downloads and update their social media wherever the adventure takes them making sure no time is wasted when connecting so consumers can get back to enjoying the outdoors sooner.

“Furrion Access is designed to make it seamless for customers to stay connected on the road,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “Furrion’s exclusive technology ensures there are no dead spots and they can always rely on being connected. Each year more RV owners choosing to live a life on the road, having a secure connection you can count on is paramount so we made sure Furrion Access delivers on and exceeds those expectations. Being able to connect certainly provides a modern level of convenience but it also delivers an additional level of safety of knowing you can stay in touch. We want to ensure our customers can stay online while exploring the world offline. ”

Furrion Access offers a sleek and aerodynamic design that can be easily mounted to the top of a recreation vehicle. With its 360- degree reception and dual 4G antennas, the Furrion Access Antenna greatly increases reception compared with standard antennas in the market today. The antenna provides double the signal strength of traditional antennas and increases the signal strength by five times for mobile devices both inside and outside the RV. Furrion’s exclusive technology provides crystal clear signal reception and SMD technology along with micro-electronics ensures excellent performance. The Furrion Access is built to endure all the elements it may encounter on the road.

It is crafted with durable materials, has been surface treated to withstand severe weather conditions, offers lightning protection and is UV resistant and waterproof. It will be available in a gloss black or white finish to match a variety of RVs.

The LTE Wi-Fi Router provides speeds up to150Mbps has a 4G booster for improved signal strength and has a two gigabit Ethernet connections to easily provide wired connections to multiple devices. Offering a secure private connection to ensure your information is safe the Furrion Router has a built in firewall and its instant connection history ensures only recognized devices are connected and alerts consumers if an unfamiliar device tries to connect.

The Furrion Access will be available this Fall with a MSRP of $109.95. The Furrion LTE Wi-Fi Router will be available this Fall and have a MSRP of $349.95. Both will be available online at Furrion.com, Amazon.com and at many RV dealers nationwide. A variety of data plans with nationwide coverage will be available to suit all connection needs for work or lifestyle. This new smart, easy-to-install system consisting of the Access Antenna and LTE Wi-Fi Router, used in tandem with flexible full coverage data plans, allows consumers to take their RV experience to the next level.

SOURCE: Furrion press release

Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt

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