Frank Hugelmeyer sees RVs supporting camping’s growth

LOUISVILLE, Colo. — With the RV industry seeing record sales over the last three years at a double-digit growth pace, it’s no surprise to Frank Hugelmeyer, president of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), that camping is seeing an uptick.

“Camping obviously is what everyone in an RV is doing, and the RV industry is on a multi-year trend of growth,” said Hugelmeyer, the former president and CEO of the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), in an interview with SGB Executive. “But we’re seeing [camping’s momentum] in participation studies and were seeing it in sales of the gear. The experience economy, or the recreation economy, is without question getting stronger.”

Read the full story from SGB Online.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith is a Wisconsin native currently living in Illinois with her husband, Eric, and two dogs, Maggie and Grace. She enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and, of course, camping in cabins and park models.

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  • Captn John says:

    With limited campsites we will be seeing a lot of camping in driveways and storage facilities during summer months.

  • Wolf Alaska says:

    The RV industry has hit the limit of its sustainable carrying capacity & will soon crash to earth with nearly zero sales.

    Bulk of sales are towables which are difficult to use, require big TVs not being mfg. & campgrounds. RVs mfg in factory (s), CGs are not.

    Within 1 year, so many people will get out of RVs; resale prices will crash & they won’t ever buy another RV.

    It is sad. I have 4 RVs & will sell 3 in next 30 days.

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