Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade talks about new book, RV tour

RESTON, Va. — Brian Kilmeade, co-host of the Fox & Friends morning show, was interviewed by RV industry journalists this afternoon regarding his new book and the RV tour he is doing to promote it.

Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America’s Destiny was released earlier this month.

Kilmeade fielded questions pertaining to the book topic, his favorite parts, a new book he is writing, his visit to the RV/MH Hall of Fame Nov. 3, the advantages to traveling in an RV and his overall impression with the RV lifestyle.

That tour was sponsored by Coachmen. Sales Manager Zach Eppers took an entire day to escort Kilmeade in a new Coachmen Class A Pursuit and gave him the tutorial before his first every turn at driving an RV.  Coachmen was the first manufacturer to offer its support of the tour, according to press materials.

Based in New York City, Kilmeade explained that he likes to get out and meet Americans as part of his America Great From the Start tour, and how using an RV adds to the travel experience.

His Nov. 17 tour in Florida was facilitated by North Trail RV in Fort Meyers, which lent an Airstream Interstate driven by Jorge Martinez.

Kilmeade’s next stop will be Dec. 8 in Raleigh, N.C., and Greenville, S.C.

The book is currently No. 5 on the New York Times paperback list.

The interview can be heard on RV Daily Report. It was moderated by a public relations professional affiliated with the RV Industry Association.

The recording was edited to group similar discussions and remove unrelated content.

To order a copy of Kilmeade’s book Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America’s Destiny, visit

A transcript of the interview is below.

Diane McNamara:            Now, lets start with Greg Gerber from RV Daily Report. Greg, did you have anything specific you wanted to ask Brian about his RV experience in Elkhart and also his book. First and foremost to me that is what is taking this big national tour about and everybody has the details on your book as well Brian.

Greg Gerber:                     What was the impetus for writing the book?

Brian Kilmeade:                Just really into American history and be able to chance to bring parts of history who don’t normally get a lot of attention but a huge impact on the past. I’d love to bring out those elements. That’s why I had to George Washington’s spy ring. That’s why I had Thomas Jefferson’s pirates take it on Islamic extremists.

Brian Kilmeade:                And that’s why you know, I did the Andrew Jackson about a New Orleans because everyone thinks the war was over we got to fight it and I love bringing out those stories.

Greg Gerber:                     Brian, what was your favorite part of the book.

Brian Kilmeade:                When he wins at the end, so I don’t want to spoil the ending for you. I’d say that the speed and pace in which he…They came up with came away with total victory.

Diane McNamara:            Thank you. Give us a little tease in terms of the in you say here in the release the influence Jackson had on his successors across party lines from Regan to Kennedy to..

Brian Kilmeade:                Real simple, real simple. From now on after Jackson people no longer talked about how much money they made how elite they were they wanted to relate to the people. So they be talking about how hard they had it. If you see Mitt Romney talked about how they had to scrape by when he first got married meanwhile they were rich. You know, when you those Rags to Riches stories became the stories that the Americans wanted, Jackson went and told how he was an orphan at 14 and became a war hero or self-taught lawyer and he was the first actually campaign.

Brian Kilmeade:                Everybody else would just say here I am vote for me if you want, or I’m next, you know, right after Jefferson’s elect Madison after Madison elect Monroe, you know add to that Vice President, he should be next and all of a sudden Jackson comes in and nowhere brings his case to the people and from then on in everybody was going out there trying to find out what people wanted what their concerns were and then serve as opposed to this is the direction I think the country should go in. People became more into what the people wanted.

Diane McNamara:            That’s great and when you talk about and just for clarity because I actually don’t know what the battle that would shape our young nation’s destiny is. There’s to say with truthful so you call in the miracle of New Orleans because he’s from New Orleans but what is that battle?

Brian Kilmeade:                So the War of 1812 starts 29 years after the Revolution and the British are dying for Revenge, even though we declare war we have no standing army. We have no Navy really just a small efficient Navy and we’re taking on the world’s number one superpower and it just goes disaster after disaster.

Brian Kilmeade:                In fact, they burn Washington to the ground finally the American start adjusting their tactics and getting the right people in charge. The biggest decision was putting Jackson in charge of and getting his militia out biting and as Jackson engaged the enemy he continued to win and then his the biggest victory was get to New Orleans stop the British before they could take the city and stop the country from going past Mississippi.

Brian Kilmeade:                So how you going do that? You have three and a half weeks. He’s about to take on a 10,000 man army. He’s got 1,200 guys immediately has a draft, gets Cajuns, he gets pirates. He gets free men of color. He gets Choctaw Indians, Cherokee Indians, Tennesseans, Kentuckians, he meld them into a fighting unit and then takes on the British. He only knew one tactic charge straight ahead and takes about 45 minutes.

Diane McNamara:            12,000 soldiers on his end melded together from all of these different categories and verses [crosstalk 00:03:47]

Brian Kilmeade:                Yeah, he grew it to five thousand.

Diane McNamara:            He grew it to five thousand.

Brian Kilmeade:                And then took out of ten thousand men only that just beat Napoleon. And took about 45 minutes,

Diane McNamara:            So we’re not learning this kind of history in schools. And that’s perhaps one political question that you know would seem not controversial to our members. Although you know, typically our viewing is a very Middle America lifestyle for but can you mention just do you feel comfortable Brian just talking about you’re such a historian?

Diane McNamara:            This isn’t taught in schools in the veracity of what you just mentioned it. Do you have a comment on that or observation?

Brian Kilmeade:                Yeah. I mean I keep more and more parents complain that their kids aren’t taught American history in school. They made excuses for it. My sense is America’s not perfect. We got this unique history that we keep put it keeps getting and we keep on rewriting history to make it more politically correct. When we should just tell it like it happened and stop judging, judging it and just start studying it. Nobody says we’re perfect. No one could ever justify slavery, in some cases American Indians weren’t treated well, in other cases it was response to their attacks. But in the end he pulled the greatest country in the world, has reason to be proud and I don’t understand why people run from that but I do understand why more and more parents are putting their kids in private school.

Greg Gerber:                     I was just curious as to whether the RV tour was part of the book tour as well, would be to combine the two of them?

Brian Kilmeade:                Don’t want to be in the ground and be able to see and I’m stuck in New York City all the time or around to be able to just hop on a plane going from place to place be able to see the country that will be a great idea and a win-win for everybody.

Greg Gerber:                     Yeah. I know a lot of people who have RVs like and interact history like the travel in their RV to visit these historical sites.

Brian Kilmeade:                Yeah, you need control you need to be able to spend hours to these places and you need to be able to get changed and you need to be able to go to the speech and then 10 minutes later you’re signing books, which is more, you know, kind of grinding it out and then you got to go to a different event. So you want to get changed to another one in now that Starbucks bathrooms gave us opportunity to reload. Come right out, get ready for speeches, still work, do interviews.

Greg Gerber:                     Very good.

Diane McNamara:            Yeah and any of the driving, try driving it as well. Did you drive [crosstalk 00:06:17]?

Brian Kilmeade:                Yeah, I drove both. I was amazed at how natural it felt.I was driving my Tahoe.

Diane McNamara:            Rick Kessler from RV business to do in question or two you would like to ask him?

Rick Kessler:                       Yeah, Brian. Have you ever driven a motor home before?

Brian Kilmeade:                Never.

Rick Kessler:                       Were you good?

Brian Kilmeade:                Yeah, I definitely wanted to give it a try and next thing you know they just said, do you want to keep going and keep going so I did.

Rick Kessler:                       Where you at shows?

Brian Kilmeade:                Great.

Rick Kessler:                       Were you intimidated at all?

Brian Kilmeade:                For some reason I wasn’t and once they explained to me the cameras in the side windows and it’s impossible have a blind spot and camera that was your rear-view mirror. You forgot that it was even a camera and it felt real natural in the beginning. I felt like I was straddle knowing too much but then I was able to bring it, straighten it out and adapt.

Rick Kessler:                       Did you get up to pretty good speed?

Brian Kilmeade:                I was able to keep up with traffic. No problem.

Diane McNamara:            I think the thing..

Brian Kilmeade:                I didn’t parallel park it but..

Diane McNamara:            And what you asked for to Brian was interesting. He wanted something that would be able to travel quickly in Florida because he had to get from Palm Springs to Vero Beach and then over to Fort Myers which is like an eight-hour circle and so he didn’t want to use a trailer. He really wanted something small lightweight that would be able to fly through traffic. So it was a great but the type T was really perfect for you on that.

Brian Kilmeade:                No question, no question. Maybe that would maybe that’s why it was so easy because I didn’t feel going to bigger ones.

Diane McNamara:            And then John Rice?

John Rice:                          How did you come to be traveling in a Coachman Pursuit?

Diane McNamara:            I can answer that?

Brian Kilmeade:                Yeah, go ahead.

Diane McNamara:            I’m sorry to interrupt guys, but the impetus of this was we reached out to Brian’s team again because they have been such supporters of the RV industry over the years almost every year. We do an RV experiential on the plaza at Fox and Friends and you know, they come out and we set up a great camping site and always have a lot of fun.

Diane McNamara:            So when we heard he was going on a national tour we reached out to him and asked if they would like to participate via go RVing and we would help them we would help with various manufacturers and dealers loaning the RV and the transport to get him from point A to point B. And he’s and it’s just been awesome to go RVing team reached out to coachman and they and Elkhart and they were there the next day ready, just ready to go. Same with Fort Myers we went through the Florida RV dealer Association who identified North Trail and they were super psyched to be a part of it and now we’re working on Saturday, next Saturday will be another tour with Brian. We’re working with another number of interested manufacturers and dealers for that one as well.

Brian Kilmeade:                Are we on that? That’s right. That’s great.

Sherman Goldenberg:     Brian, this is Sherman Goldenbergerg RV Business. You were in town, the town being Elkhart something like three or four weeks ago for an appearance?

Diane McNamara:            Yes. Sherman, I don’t know if you saw the note we all sent out. He was there on the third in Elkhart, Indiana and Coachman provided a Type C and he drove it. I’ll send it to you again Sherm. If it didn’t come through…

Sherman Goldenberg:     We’ve got, it doesn’t he was in town for speaking appearance, right?

Diane McNamara:            He was, I don’t know if it does or not. That’s a good question. Thank you. Yeah, he was doing a book signing of his new book there in Elkhart.

Sherman Goldenberg:     At the Center Six One Five. And do you find your RB junkets to be a nice respite from Fox and Friends and Metropolitan Life?

Brian Kilmeade:                Yes, and it’s great, a lot of times when you travel like I’m traveling now to Colorado. You just leave New York City, get in a car then you hop in, go through TSA and then you’re in a plane, you land, you get in the car you go to an event. I’m going to be in a red-eye tonight. I am going to see almost nothing of Colorado. And now with the RV you see absolutely everything, you know along the way, but it is no stress because oftentimes, you know, I’m doing it on a weekend there is usually not traffic unless there’s an accident. So it’s a win-win, and I feel like I’m in control.

Greg Gerber:                     Brian, Greg Gerber with Harvey Daily report again any chance you’ll be taking an RV tour to New Orleans to really tie in the book?

Brian Kilmeade:                That was their back and forth. I don’t think I’ll be able to do that. My thing is, is that it. Yeah, maybe I mean we might be trying to do in something when I have another book coming out in Texas. I know about New Orleans so we had to fly in and out. My thing is I can’t miss work. But the same time I want to be able to promote the books on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So, that would’ve made a tough just by the way things work, we’ll get down this week or that weekend.

Greg Gerber:                     Do you want to talk about the book pertaining to Texas.

Brian Kilmeade:                The new book?

Greg Gerber:                     Yes.

Diane McNamara:            So this book is the paperback launch of…

Brian Kilmeade:                Of New Orleaons.

Diane McNamara:            Of Andrew Jackson. What’s your next book that you’re that you’re working on?

Brian Kilmeade:                Sam Houston avenging the Alamo is the working title.

Diane McNamara:            I mean when and have you started writing that yet?

Brian Kilmeade:                Yeah, and a lot of research to be a TV special with it, I’d say I’m a little past halfway done.

Diane McNamara:            Oh, that’s fantastic. So the book edition of the Andrew Jackson book is obviously….guys I put this in the talking points.

Diane McNamara:            It’s a great holiday gift, and you can get it anywhere, anywhere books are sold. This next book that’s coming out, when do you think that will launch when you think they’ll be ready?

Brian Kilmeade:                Next October or November.

Diane McNamara:            Okay, not that bad, good time for Christmas again and Hanukkah. In terms of Fox Nation. I just want to ask to you, you’re doing specials on Fox Nation as well. How can we include that in our coverage?

Brian Kilmeade:                Well Fox uses a new streaming network and to the past year I’ve been doing what made America great is the name of the series. I’ve done 10 features. So I travel around the country looking at Great Moments in American history, great structures from Mount Rushmore to Monticello to The Hermitage Home of Andrew Jackson to Fort Jefferson and middle of the keys to the Hamilton Burr Dual saga, we did a tour of the vice presidential residence.

Brian Kilmeade:                So, we’re going to be, there’s going to be ten, there’s five up now. There’s going to be five up in another month. [crosstalk 00:13:00] It’s a new service everything from live to taped program. Give up box, you’re going to want of more of this.

Diane McNamara:            And it’s a pay-per-view. It’s a membership of subscription. Very affordable. I think.

Brian Kilmeade:                Yeah. Thank you. Think Nets, think Netflix.

Diane McNamara:            Yeah.

Brian Kilmeade:                So when you go on Netflix is a wide variety of program. So when we go in here you can watch live stuff. You can watch the radio shows on television. You could see my features that are primarily posted up there. You can see quiz shows every day at 5:00. You see a recap of the evening shows in the morning. So there’s a wide variety of programming right now.

Sherman Goldenberg:     Can I ask a question? Just so summary questions. This is Goldenbergerg, but how many so but your rush with recreation vehicles. How many of you had at this point?

Brian Kilmeade:                Not counting the ones already on the show. I’ve been I think we have three, the three are about to do another one next, this weekend coming up.

Diane McNamara:            And to clarify in terms of, he’s never driven an RV before The Coachman in Elkhart. That’s the first time you ever drove one. So the only other, the only other times if I’m correct Brian that you’ve had, you know a brush or a run-in with an RV is when that’s been on the Fox and Friends Plaza.

Sherman Goldenberg:     Graphical question. Do you have a history, a historical background? You know that kind of plays into what you’re doing on these books.

Brian Kilmeade:                No, it’s just as his passion for it my own political science, spent 20 years studying the George Washington spy ring, have a great knowledge of the area but no formal degrees or anything.

Sherman Goldenberg:     Right just a passion of yours you’re saying.

Brian Kilmeade:                Yep.

John Rice:                          This is John Rice from our E-news. Brian, what did you find most impressive about the RV Hall of Fame when you visited it?

Brian Kilmeade:                It’s really America’s history right in front of you. You saw the car was, the automobile was, what luxury was and how we got better and better and better and how you know, you can only drive on the road so many different ways, but it seemed like the RV industry kept reinventing itself.

Diane McNamara:            Bye and thank you so much for your time and have a beautiful weekend and thank you. Gentlemen. If you have any questions or need any follow-up, please shoot me or Kevin and email and we’ll keep you posted on this week, next weekend’s tour as well in South Carolina.

Brian Kilmeade:                Thanks guys, appreciate it.

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber

A journalist who has covered the recreation vehicle industry since January 2000, Greg Gerber founded RV Daily Report on April Fool's Day in 2009. He also serves as the editor of the publication and website. As an Eagle Scout, he has enjoyed camping for decades and has visited every state except Hawaii. A DODO -- Dad of Daughters Only -- to three young women, he has two grandchildren as well. He currently splits his time between Wisconsin, Texas and Arizona. Greg can be reached at

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