Fiberglass Reconditioner from Iosso restores color

GURNEE, Ill. — Over time, even regularly maintained fiberglass begins to look old and tired. Fiberglass Reconditioner from Iosso restores color and protects in one easy step, removing oxidation, chalking, waterline scum, rust, exhaust, road tar and oil. It breathes new life into boats, RVs, furniture and other gelcoat surfaces, and shines metal and brightwork.

Fiberglass Reconditioner leaves a protective glossy coating that lasts four to six months, so there’s no reason to wax over it. And because it doesn’t contain silicone, it won’t cause problems with any future refinishing.

Highly effective, a one-pound can of Fiberglass Reconditioner will clean a 30′ boat from the waterline up. Professional detailers love the one-step product because it saves time and is available in five-gallon containers.

Fiberglass Reconditioner is simple to use. Simply apply with a brush or sponge to a 2′ to 3′ section. Working in an overlapping pattern, the material is buffed onto the surface until all signs of haze are gone. This can be done by hand, but an electric polisher or buffer is faster. A video of the process is at

1 lb. of Iosso’s Fiberglass Reconditioner costs $23; 5 lbs. is $85.45.

For over 30 years, Iosso has developed and manufactured innovative cleaning and maintenance solutions. Its environmentally-responsible products are used by boaters, RVers, pilots and outdoorsmen.

SOURCE: Iosso Products press release

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith is a Wisconsin native currently living in Illinois with her husband, Eric, and two dogs, Maggie and Grace. She enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and, of course, camping in cabins and park models.

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