Droplet raising capital to finance inventory, expansion

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Droplet, a Canadian manufacturer of modern teardrop camping trailers, is raising capital to finance expansion in order to keep up with demand, CEO Pascal Pillon told RV Daily Report.

“After just one year, Droplet has delivered units across Canada, in California and Australia,” he said. “The big windows and large doors in a very lightweight shell really set Droplet apart. Our audience is growing fast. So, to answer the overwhelming demand, we are looking for investors to finance some inventory and implement our 2019-2020 marketing plan.”

Eventually, Pillon said he plans to enter the European market as well.

“We are already in discussion with firms in the United Kingdom and South Africa for distribution opportunities,” he explained. “We’ll either ship flat or partner with a local manufacturer to control our ecological impact.”

There are a few features that set Droplet apart from other teardrop companies, he explained. They include:

Bright, uncluttered sleeping quarters

“We originally wanted to buy one, but after looking at all the other teardrop trailers, we actually decided to designed our own,” he said. “We wanted a trailer we could hang out in. We also wanted to feel like we were outside.

“The big windows are a tribute to nature. And if you are concerned about privacy, the windows are tinted, but we also offer magnetic window covers as an option,” said Pillon.

Lightweight and fuel economy

Droplet doesn’t think people need to own an oversize vehicle for their daily commute just to tow a trailer. That’s why the firm uses high-tech, lightweight materials in building its campers. The construction is borrowed from the yachting industry where strength and weight is key. At 950 pounds, Droplet RVs can be towed by most small cars.


Not only can the Droplet be towed virtually anywhere, all of the gear inside is portable as well. That includes the stove, 12-volt cooler, water tanks and even the Lithium battery pack.

“The big advantage is that people can use the gear anywhere, so they don’t have to stick around their trailer to enjoy a picnic,” said Pillon. “They can make lunch right in the parking lot, or eat right on the beach.”

Easier access

Droplet worked on the ergonomics of entry and exit design to come up with their trademark big doors.

“There is no need to duck into the trailer. People can sit down and swing their legs in,” said Pillon.

The company is also working to make the Droplet wheelchair accessible. In fact, the bed is already at an ideal height to transfer from a wheelchair, and the kitchen counter height and depth are adapted for people with mobility challenges, he explained.

Community and sharing

The staff at Droplet believes in sharing. So, the company is building its own peer-to-peer web rental platform so owners can rent their Droplets to other adventurers.

“We want to increase the usefulness of our product while minimizing the impact of our manufacturing operations,” said Pillon. “Owners will just need to register for the rental program. We will take care of calendar management, promotion, insurance and everything else they’ll need to rent out their Droplets.”

Free camping

Droplet already commits 10% of its profit toward helping to build free campsites so owners and renters can have access to off-the-grid camping sites for free. Registered owners will be able to tap into the network of boondocking sites Droplet is helping to create.

“As you can see, the Droplet teardrop camping trailer is not just about the product. It’s also about a company that wants to produce mindfully, inspire and influence. Making a difference is important to us,” said Pillon.

For more information, visit www.droplet-trailer.com.

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber

A journalist who has covered the recreation vehicle industry since January 2000, Greg Gerber founded RV Daily Report on April Fool's Day in 2009. He also serves as the editor of the publication and website. As an Eagle Scout, he has enjoyed camping for decades and has visited every state except Hawaii. A DODO -- Dad of Daughters Only -- to three young women, he has two grandchildren as well. He currently splits his time between Wisconsin, Texas and Arizona. Greg can be reached at editor@rvdailyreport.com.

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