Comfort Insurance investigates DIY motorhomes

LONDON, England — Comfort Insurance, a leading motorhome insurance provider, has in recent years noticed that a large number of inquiries have come through for DIY motorhomes. A DIY motorhome is essentially a vehicle that has been converted for use as a motorhome; a self-built motorhome project.

Comfort Insurance’s Managing Director, Peter Cue, has been commenting on the subject, saying: “Judging by the sheer amount of inquiries we get for these DIY motorhomes, we think there must be quite a considerable number of self-built motorhome projects happening at any one given time. When we receive such inquiries we always ask to see images of the vehicle before deciding whether we can insure it and then how much we would charge for such a vehicle.”

During the past year, Comfort Insurance has stated that the main focus regarding DIY motorhomes has been to do with whether the vehicle has been accepted by the DVLA to be re-designated as a motorhome, states a press release from Comfort Insurance. Comfort Insurance has stated that they regularly see examples of tradesman’s vans that have been altered in only a minor way and quite often the case is that the DVLA simply sees a van with minimum conversion work as a “van with windows” rather than a motorhome.

Comfort Insurance has offered some advice on what to avoid when converting a vehicle to a motorhome due to the fact that it is so difficult to pin down exactly what a “good conversion” is as a result of the fact that there are so many variations of what can make a good motorhome conversion, states the press release.

Therefore, they have stated that their biggest concern, as motorhome experts and insurers, is whether there is evidence of poor gas installation, states the release. The reason given for this is that a poorly thought-out installation is not only unacceptable to insurance companies, but it is also a significant danger for the motorhome users. As a result of this, Comfort Insurance has stated that, as an insurer, they require evidence that the electrical and gas installations have been given a suitable certificate of safety.

About Comfort Insurance

Comfort Insurance has been providing high quality motorhome insurance for a number of years. In order to request a quote, simply visit their website and fill out a quick quote form. In addition, you can also contact them via the telephone in order to discuss a potential quote or a conversion if you are in any doubt about your particular motorhome conversion.

SOURCE: Comfort Insurance press release

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