Airstream Nest earns green certification

JACKSON CENTER, Ohio – Airstream’s newest product line Nest just became Certified Green by TRA Certification. Airstream will begin labeling their RVs with TRA’s green label and have earned the Silver level of certification. “This is a new Airstream product that I’m proud to have join the Class Bs and travel trailers as being green certified,” says Mandy Leazenby of TRA Certification.

With regards to resource efficiency, the Nest production line recycles or reuses over 50 percent of manufacturing waste. They utilize multiple jig and CNC systems to reduce waste and maximize material usage. Several materials are cut to size by the supplier and several materials are also shipped using reusable shipping containers. Although the Nest contains very little wood, any used is SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified.

In the category of energy efficiency, Airstream’s units are sample tested in a rain booth to ensure a durable product. Nest include over 90 percent interior and exterior LED lighting. The a/c is ductless, reducing wasted energy. Nest is also pre-wired for solar panels!

These units are also water efficient by containing a low-flow toilet and the water used for rain booth testing is recycled. In addition to water testing in a rain test booth, 100 percent of Nests are ultrasonically tested to detect even minute openings in the trailer body that would allow water leaks.

Nest incorporates zero carpeting which makes for easy clean-up and healthier indoor air quality. The company also uses low-VOC interior sealants, hard flooring and cabinets. To top it off, the units are cleaned with low-VOC products.

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Look for the “Certified Green” labels on RVs and Park Models to ensure a healthier and more efficient living space. Visit the Green Certified RVs website at

SOURCE: TRA press release


Ronnie Wendt

Ronnie Wendt

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