Why working from an RV is a great option for retired people

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By Kayleigh Alexandra

Living the RV life is an attractive prospect for many retirees. The freedom and flexibility afforded by RV living is second to none. But just because you’re retired, it doesn’t mean you have to stop working.

Many retirees choose to keep working well into their retirement and working from an RV isn’t just possible, it’s also surprisingly easy. Read on to discover why working from an RV is perfect for people who have retired.

Even if you’re not yet retired, many companies are allowing people to work from home. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Say goodbye to the daily commute

For many of us, the commute is the worst aspect of working the 9-5 job. Inching along a backed up highway, or cramming yourself into a packed subway car for 45 minutes every morning in stifling temperatures — only to endure the exact same thing on the way home — it’s not an attractive prospect.

Working from an RV negates the need to commute. In fact, your journey to work is as simple as rolling out of bed and switching on your laptop.

And it’s not just convenient either. The average American spends around $2,600 a year on commuting. So getting rid of your commute by working from an RV doesn’t just save you time and hassle — it saves you money as well.

Chase the good weather — and enjoy it

There’s nothing worse than spending your day chained to your desk indoors on a beautiful, sunny day. You’d rather be out in the sun, not stuck inside pressing your nose to the grindstone.

But working for an RV gives you the best of both worlds. You can spend time out enjoying the fine weather, while getting things done by taking your work outside.

If you want to take a few hours out to enjoy the weather, simply set your laptop aside and stretch your legs outside. And if there’s ever a particularly bad day, you can spend the day inside working.

And even if the weather turns sour where your RV is currently, you can simply pack up and head to a gorgeous campground in warmer climates.

It’s perfect for starting that dream project

Starting a business is something many of us dream about, but rarely commit to. Between childcare, work commitments, and other time-consuming aspects of day-to-day life, starting a business remains nothing but a pipe dream.

But it’s entirely possible to make that dream a reality and launch your own business from your RV.

And it’s not just hard cash avenues like starting a business that are open to you once you’re working from an RV. They say everyone has one book in them, and now is the perfect time to write yours.

And with the great resources available online, it’s easier than ever to start writing a book — all you need is an internet connection. Teach yourself the ins-and-outs of book writing and put words to paper.

Now you’re retired and unencumbered by the burdens of on-grid living, you can start your passion project with ease.

Don’t miss out on time with your loved ones

For many of us, working means missing out on important moments with your family and friends. Perhaps we’re required to work over the Thanksgiving holidays, or there’s not enough time to fly out and see relatives during Christmas.

But when your home is your office, those problems melt away. No matter where your loved ones are, you can still spend time with them while working from your RV. Simply drive up to where your family are, and you can set down and start working straight away.

There is virtually no overhead

Running a business can be a costly affair. Between energy bills, property tax, rent, and other expenses, there are a lot of overheads required to work effectively.

But working from an RV negates most of these expenses.

Not only is your RV your home as well as your place of work (thus consolidating any necessary overhead), RVs also have dramatically fewer expenses than physical buildings: no rent, no property tax — even your energy bills are substantially lower. This gives you greater financial freedom, so you can work to your own schedule.

Living the RV life is an enticing choice for retirees, and not just because it’s cheaper and flexible. It also lets you keep on working well into your golden years.

Workamper News often lists job opportunities for people to work from their RVs.

Kayleigh Alexandra

Kayleigh Alexandra

Kayleigh Alexandra is a community writer for Micro Startups — a network dedicated to giving through growth hacking. Visit the blog at www.microstartups.org for your latest dose of startup, entrepreneur, and charity insights from top experts around the globe.

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  • Al Neuner says:

    “But just because you’re retired, it doesn’t mean you have to stop working.”
    What? Isn’t “stopped working” the definition for retired.

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