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By Adi Hed

What’s the worst drive you’ve ever taken? You might think parallel parking and rush hour traffic is as bad as it gets. But, they don’t hold a candle to these stressful scenarios.

Imagine getting caught in a blizzard or wading through waist-deep water or going on a cross-country road trip with screaming kids. Now imagine doing all of this in an RV.

Driving an RV is no easy feat, especially when dealing with hazardous conditions. It’s no sweat for these talented drivers, who handle their situation like pros. Check out these impressive videos from drivers who belong in the RV hall of fame.

Epic RV Road Trip

Are we there yet? We’ve all heard these immortal words muttered from the back seat at some point. Now think of how many times you’d hear it on a 10,000 mile road trip. This family decided to take the plunge and drive through 12 states in a a 21-foot Summerland Mini Trailer.

No driving hurdle was too big for this couple during an epic three month road trip. Along the way, they visited famous landmarks ranging from the Grand Canyon to the Painted Desert and the Salton Sea, all while towing a large camper and having a young child aboard. No easy feat.

Three months – the road trip. from Happy Kamper Films on Vimeo.

RV Travel in Snow

Warning: Don’t try this at home. This daring couple decided to make a bone-chilling trip from Connecticut to snowy Vermont in the heart of the winter. During the 150 mile trek, they drove through icy conditions, narrow dirt roads, and blind turns all while towing a Road Warrior RV.

The drive gets especially precarious when they have to park their RV at the family cabin and come within inches of hitting trees. They were even able to make these risky turns without the help of a backup camera. These crazy daredevils are definitely road warriors.

Aquatic Floating RV

Who needs a yacht when you have an amphibious RV? This innovative family decided to transform their RV into a full-scale house boat complete with outriggers and pontoons. One part motorhome and one part motorboat, this floating RV can go from land to sea in less than five minutes.

This driver brings new meaning to the term “off roading,” as he impressively tackles the demands of an RV driver and captain of a large vessel. The onlookers’ reactions say it all.

Escaping a Blizzard

This is the stuff of nightmares. In this video, a pair of nomads attempt to make a trek to Rock Spring, Wyo., in their Cedar Creek 36CKTS RV. Unfortunately, these full-time travelers were hit by winter storm Janice, forcing them to drive through a full-scale blizzard.

At risk of getting plowed in or hit, the couple decides to power through and drive to safety. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. They eventually found refuge at a WalMart parking lot, but not before running into snow packed roads and rolling hills. WalMart: saving money AND lives.

RV Drives through NYC

Is there any worse place to drive in America than midtown Manhattan? Take a trip to the Big Apple and you’re bound to see stressed out drivers, honking cabbies, and standstill traffic. That didn’t stop this brave couple, who decided to take their 4×4 RV expedition on a downtown tour of New York City.

The video ends with the driver successfully weaving through America’s largest city before valiantly emerging in the heart of Times Square. They live streamed their journey, so you can see the trip in all its glory.

Adi Hed is a writer and traveling enthusiast. He’s also the co-founder of Tadibrothers, which specializes in Backup Camera Systems and safety equipment for RVs and other vehicles. When he’s not traveling or in the office, he can be found writing on the Tadibrothers blog at

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