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By Robert Gorden

Recently, on the same day, but hundreds of miles apart geographically, a man and a lady each said to me, “You are living the dream.”

Living the dream of traveling throughout North America in a motorhome with freedom as the key word every day — Freedom to travel, freedom to stop, freedom to enjoy life and freedom to meet new and old friends. Freedom to do what I wish to do, when I wish to do it.

In addition to all of the freedom, spontaneity and unrestricted pleasure I am also able to write about my travels and the wonderful views and sights that I encounter.

To share these experiences with others via blogs and, eventually, a self published book is an extra and unexpected bonus.

Freedom — this word holds different and perhaps quite disparate definitions for each person. What freedom means to me may be called lack of security or instability for another person.

Opportunities to go to new places or return to those viewed in the past are experiences that I accept as challenging and rewarding. For others freedom may be very frightening, startling and absolutely scary.

Stability and security

Often non-RV years asked me a series of questions, including Where do you live? Where is your home? Don’t you miss having friends, relatives and a community surrounding you? How can you live happily in your RV? Aren’t a home and family important to you?

My answers are much the same each time.

They may seem arrogant to some when I say my security is inside of me. I do not need other people, money and a house in order to feel secure. My security is found in my freedom and in the spontaneity to move about the country when I decide to do so.

Freedom and independence are descriptive terms for the lifestyle of those who choose to travel without restraint and with no restrictions. We each make our own choices of where to go and what to do.

For some this means that they must have sufficient money for travel and for others it dictates that they will travel whether or not they have adequate funds. A lack of travel funds simply motivates some to adjust their lifestyle so that they will require less money to travel and live.

Freedom may require a great effort for many people, ample compromise and significant life adjustments, but the resulting lifestyle makes the effort worthwhile.

Incidentally, the Freedom approach can be accomplished using virtually any type of RV from tent camper, old travel trailer or motorhome to a million dollar Prevost.

The attitude is in the heart and mind.

A friend of mine is practicing freedom as he backpacks and hikes the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. I am envious.

Robert Gorden

Robert Gorden

Dr. Robert Gorden is a retired environmental engineer and head of the Aquatic Biology Department at the University of Illinois. Today, he is a frequent RVer who enjoys travel writing.

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  • Robin says:

    Very good article. I especially like where you say security comes from with in. So true. Thank you from Robin. Living the dream in a 5th wheel.

  • Douglas Anglin says:

    You nailed it right on the head. Must people don’t get it. I currently working my way to this freedom. I have tasted a little of it and want more. People will understand when they see the lack of stress in your life and the sheer amount of happiness when they see you again.

    • Greg Gerber says:

      The freedom provided by the RV lifestyle is timeless. People dream about it for years and when they finally get the opportunity to embrace that dream, they don’t often regret it.

      Editor, RV Daily Report

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