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Editor’s note: Although this letter was submitted by a single employee, she indicated that it was written collectively by many Roadtrek employees.

By Brenda Cornfield Holmes

Today I’m speaking for many whose voices need to be heard, and for many long-term Roadtrek employees who feel robbed and abandoned.

I am speaking for the young man who had an anxiety attack last Friday when it was announced the company was closing and all of us would lose our jobs. He had to leave because his pain was real.

I am speaking for the single mom who was taking great pride in providing for her family by earning a livable wage, as well as for the many couples whose world just crashed down before their eyes.

We, the Roadtrek family, need the RV industry’s help.

We need action to rebuild what is a viable and successful product that we believe in with our hearts, and souls.

We’re asking the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, every level of government and the Ministry of Labour to run a full audit of business practices, and conduct any criminal investigations that may be in order.

We would like to see an investigation into the international sale of Erwin Hymer to Thor Industries.

The Roadtrek employees here need government assistance.

Although the thoughts and prayers offered by many people are admirable and appreciated, what we truly want is the financial backing to continue to create Roadtrek Class B motorhomes — the No. 1 selling vehicles that we poured ourselves into creating every day.

Our product sells itself. It is simply the best in the market and we pride ourselves on being the best.

Our family needs financial support from a buyer who believes in this product like we do — someone who has the resolve to turn this around, and see that the people who did this are held responsible.

The Erwin Hymer family made billions on the sale of Erwin Hymer Group to Thor. The family’s treatment after the fact of the people who formed the lifeblood of its company is despicable.

Action needs to be swift! Our goal is to save Roadtrek. We need a little help, but we know we can do it.


Brenda Cornfield Holmes is a former employee of Erwin Hymer Group North America who worked on the assembly line at the company’s Roadtrek manufacturing facility in Kitchener, Ontario.

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  • Jack Cooper says:

    I too worked here and have been off sick for months but hoping to return to health and returning to the best place to work. As I sit at home or in hospital or a doctors office all I think of is returning to the work family I love and miss. If someone does buy this company and get it back up and running soon I could return ( health considered ) to a place I once was so very happy and proud to be a part of. A new owner could find at least 400 or more good , dedicated workers ready to return and build great products.

  • Chris B says:

    I too am a long term employee in my 35th year and know too well what it’s like to be removed from a job and a company that was always profitable until the likes of Jim Hammill, Howard Stratton and Mark Weigel arrived, and since then The original owners lost their company and now all of us too. It leads me to ask the question how can any of them still be employed there even though they were removed from their positions… Weigel is still there along with many of the rest of the short term directors that were never qualified to run the company but with family connections they were not only hired but were moved up the ladder rapidly and given huge wages they never deserved. the attached link show the names of two of them… I can only imagine what they will do next, check out the link and let any/everyone you know to avoid them like the plague… and the plot thickens gotta love the name too, look how they turned Roadtrek around!!! .http://www.turnaround-ctm.com/our_experience.htm

    • Violet E. says:

      Appreciate your honesty Chris…

    • Ed Bongers says:

      You nailed the problem Chris, Jim Hammill, Howard and Angila Stratton, Mark Weigel, Mike kelly and so on and so on, friend and family list goes on. Think this out there fat rich, living the good life as you are out of a job and struggling at your age to find a job in a slow job market give them no credit, put them in ____!!!

  • MoralCompass says:

    Maybe the Wendland’s of RVLifestyle can be of help to get the word out on their podcast and Youtube channel. They’ve promoted Roadtrek for the past several years and know the product well. They’re in a unique position to lend support and a voice for the 800+ displaced workers who built this brand. With their efforts its possible a buyer may step up.

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