Five fun games for the whole family to enjoy while traveling

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By Malcom Cano

RV travel can be fun, but what if this fun can be taken to a whole new level? It could be quite exciting, right? Here’s a list of travel games for the whole family to enjoy as they head down the highway in their RV.

These fun travel games not only bring families together with the bonding involved, but they are also a good distraction for long road trips.

For some reason, technology has replaced some of these classic games. But, why not do something that brings the whole family together in a common activity rather than allowing each person to slip into their own world? After all, isn’t that the whole point of RV family travel?

Keeping family members entertained still stands out as the best way to enjoy a fulfilling road trip.

Some of us have memories of road trips from our past and, one thing’s for sure, car travel games contributed significantly to them. We’ve come up with examples of fun travel accessories and games you could consider for your next RV road trip. They are fit for both rainy and sunny days, and don’t require a lot of space when packing.

Board and card games

Gobblet This one is more like tic-tac-toe, but with an added twist. The game involves two players with a four-by-four grid board and 24 pieces. The strategies involved can be made clear by reviewing the quick guide that is included with the game.

Each player gets 12 cylindrical pieces which come in different sizes. The game’s objective is for someone to connect all four pieces of the same color into a vertical, diagonal and horizontal pattern.

It’s easy to learn and helps develop memory, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Golf card game — This is not an ordinary card game when compared to travel bingo or other cards games. It’s a multiplayer game that involves an official deck of playing cards. It is a game of sequence where the dealer rotates between players around a table in a clockwise pattern.

Players are dealt cards, and they’re supposed to hold them face down. Once dealt the cards, a player is now expected to place them on the table after looking at the bottom two cards. From this moment on, players are not allowed to look at the cards unless they’re making a move to play.

The top card usually acts like a discard and therefore placed facing upward. Players now chase each other for points. There are different types of cards involved, and all have different values. At the end of the game, the points are tallied and the player, who scores the lowest, wins.

CheckersThis is among the fun travel games that most families wold consider to be a classic. For generations, it was played by people of all ages. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to introduce kids to this strategy game, would it?

Rather than playing a computer on some sort of gadget, revert to the old-fashioned board game to keep two people engaged with each other either on the road or at the campground.

Story telling

This is more of an interactive game and doesn’t involve any travel activity kit, but maybe a book if necessary. Storytelling can be a good activity for kids because it makes them more creative, they develop communication skills, and they get to learn more about their friends and family.

A good way to do this is to ask members to prepare stories about others in advance. Stories of scary or embarrassing moments are usually the most exciting. However, don’t get too awkward and end up offending others. Everybody should be given an opportunity to tell a story.

Deploy a few tricks to encourage others to listen attentively to your story. For example, share a story and have others guess whether it was true or not.

Another variation of story telling is to for someone to share one sentence, and then take turns going around the group adding random details to see how the story develops. For example, “Once upon a time, Dick and Jane were walking to the store when all of a sudden…,” and pick it up from there.

I Spy

Who’s good at guessing? For long journeys, this game could come in handy as a perfect distraction. It’s endless. The leader will spot something and offer clues as to what it is as others take turns guessing.

You could also use alphabetical letters in order and have people shout out objects 0r words on a billboard they see that start with that letter.

Cars color game

This is among the most involved and competitively fair fun travel games you could consider while on the road trip. Every player should have a pen and something to write on. Then players go ahead and choose their favorite car color or draw a color randomly out of a bag.

Pick a time frame, say half an hour. During this period, players look for their chosen car colors and tally whenever a car of that color passes by.

When the time is up, the player with the highest tally wins the game. After playing the game once, everyone switches colors.

20 questions

Besides being family members, how well do you know each other? While taking the age factor into consideration, each person should take turns asking each other about themselves. The challenge is that once the person being quizzed answered like 20 questions,he or she would be expected to recite all the answers that were given. Extra points for reciting the answers in order.

Fun travel games can be an exciting way to spend time on your family vacation. It gives each member an opportunity to share with their kin while doing something fun. Do you have any fun travel games to suggest? Share with us in the comments below.

Malcolm Cano

Malcolm Cano

Malcolm Cano is a freelance writer and webmaster at He and his family lead an active lifestyle involving travel, fishing and hiking. He likes to share ideas on how to have fun on the road.

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