Extreme RV makeovers: From rednecks to Rolls Royce

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By Adi Hed

Americans love a good makeover. It’s why we continue to tune into shows like Flip or Flop, Property Brothers and Fixer Upper despite the clear proof indicating that they’re staged.

But there’s a new kind of makeover craze that’s posing some serious competition to the mighty overlords at HGTV: RVs. More people are ditching traditional home renovations in favor of decking out their home on wheels.

From tiny homes to school buses, the following list includes extreme makeovers that bring new meaning to the term glamping. Check out these epic RV renovations that would make Ty Pennington proud.

Redneck bachelor pad

Rednecks are staples of the RV community. They’re right up their with retirees and compostable toilets in terms of things most likely to be found in an RV camp. Still, they don’t get the respect they deserve when it comes to their ingenuity.

Case in point: the redneck bachelor pad. This blue collar bachelor decided to deck out his 27 foot Hornet RV. He removed the kitchen dinette and bunk beds in favor of a gaming station and mega king size bed. He even went so far as to make extra room for a hidden gun chest underneath his bed.

Okay, maybe the “gun-toting” redneck stereotype has some validity.  The video can be found on YouTube.

Luna the Airstream

Kristen and Siya are just like any other first time homeowners. Except for the fact that their first home happens to be a home on wheels.

This young couple decided to purchase a 1976 Airstream and convert it into their full time home. After a year of renovations (and selling off 90 percent of their belongings), they completed their project and introduced the world to their RV: Luna.

This 200-square RV might not look like much, but it includes a laundry list of modern features. It includes two king size beds, surround sound speakers, a solar powered oven and a sink big enough to take a bath in. Trailers have never looked so classy. The video can be seen at YouTube.

Amelia The Airstream

Amelia the Airstream will make you forget all about that beachside vacation home. This trendy 1972 Airstream fills every nook and cranny with nautical themed designs and modern conveniences.

Charity D’Amato is the proud owner of this renovated RV, which took nearly three years to complete. It includes everything from a full shower to a convection microwave and DVD player. The renovations include white enamel and faux wood vinyl as well as decor like a life preserver ring and nautical window to give it a beach side. It’s truly a vacation home on wheels.

More pictures and the back story can be found at DesignSponge.com.

Family RV for six

Fitting a family of six into an RV sounds more like a setup to a horror movie than it does a dream home. That’s not the case for the Harger family, who comfortably fit their family into their renovated Cedar Creek Silverback RV.

This super homey RV includes a family room, three bedrooms, a study area, and a kitchen with a double sink, microwave, oven and juicer.

The family could give a masterclass in minimalist living, as they’re able to fit all of this in under 300 square feet. Did I mention they have a second story for the master bedroom? Not too shabby. The video can be viewed at YouTube.

Tiny home with toddlers

Now this is impressive. The Petrone family decided to renovate a Cougar RV into a tiny home while they constructed a house on their property. The only catch? They renovated the entire thing in three weeks for under $3,000.

The converted RV comfortably fits the family of five and even includes triple bunk beds for the kids. This home looks anything but tiny thanks to the hidden storage areas and homey additions like a coffee station and an outdoor fire pit. It’s safe to say this RV remodel looks nicer than most homes. The video can be found at YouTube.

The magic school bus

Okay, this one is technically a school bus and not an RV. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive. This family decided to renovate a full-scale school bus to transition into a minimalist life. The whole renovation took a little over a year, and ended with the world being introduced to “Bertha.”

It looks more like an upscale apartment than it does a renovated school bus. It comfortably fits a family of five and includes creative renovations like extra book storage, a convection oven microwave combo, a composting toilet, and a pull out spice rack. A hippie school bus never looked so clean! The video can be seen at YouTube.

Adi Hed

Adi Hed

Adi Hed is a writer and traveling enthusiast. He’s also the co-founder of Tadibrothers, which specializes in backup camera systems and safety equipment for RVs and other vehicles. When he’s not traveling or in the office, he can be found writing on The Tadibrothers blog at www.tadibrothers.com/blog

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