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A message from RV Daily Report Editor Greg Gerber:

RV Daily Report is unique within the RV industry. We are the only online business newsletter that is not supported by a physical magazine. There is HUGE money in magazine publishing.

The last magazine I worked for in 2016 brought in $1.1 million in sales, paid all its bills and still reaped $865,000 in profit for the investors.

That type of money gives our competitors a huge advantage.

RV Daily Report is also unique in that we aren’t tied to big corporations or publishing firms.  All the content you see is produced by me, one part-time assistant, and few freelance writers from time to time.

RV Daily Report has a reputation for reporting on stories that other media outlets tend to ignore. We also allow anyone who has an idea, suggestion or concern to step up to our microphone and share their views with our entire readership.

Being an independent journalist gives me a lot of freedom, but it is not cheap.

If you would consider making a voluntary contribution to support our mission to bring reliable news and information to RV consumers and industry professionals, I can make you this promise — Every dollar you donate will be used to IMPROVE content:

I nspections – Showing people what to look for when buying an RV so they buy a quality RV that will serve them well for many years.

M aintenance – Showing people how to fix most common problems themselves so they can stay on the road longer, or get on the road faster.

P roducts – Introducing new products to the market, but also educating RV users about proven products that really make RVing better. We’ll also publish more independent product reviews.

R eporting – Researching important stories, writing editorials and publishing reasoned letters to the editor. We’ll travel to major RV shows and industry events to report what’s happening.

O pportunities – Showcasing where to get training, find jobs or places to work to financially support the RV lifestyle, and how to improve business and leadership skills. 

V enture – Showing RVers where to go, places to stay, and what to do along their journeys. We will also show people how to financially support the RV lifestyle, whether they use an RV full-time or seasonally.

E xperts – Connecting readers to  real knowledge about the industry, products and the people who make it great.

RV Daily Report will continue to cover all the important news concerning the industry, dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, RV owners and the RV lifestyle — along with content you won’t find anywhere else.

You don’t have to contribute to RV Daily Report in order to continue receiving our newsletters or enjoying the material on our website. But, I will appreciate and put to good use every dollar you invest in making RV Daily Report even better!