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Olympia RG850 flashlight offers USB recharging

(Sept. 9, 2014) — Each light is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. The textured body offers an anti-freeze non-slip grip making it just as easy to use with gloves as without. Every model has five light settings including strobe and SOS for emergency situations.

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Vinnibag keeps wine safe while traveling

(Sept. 8, 2014) — Sophisticated testing was done at an independent test lab using altitude chambers. Packing a Vinnibag is easy. Travelers stick items in the bag, inflate it with a few breaths of air, snap the bag closed, pack in their travel bag, and then deflate when they get home.

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Buff Magic makes metal, chrome shine

(Sept. 8, 2014) — This all-in-one buffing and polishing cream enables users to transform surfaces with no product switching required, saving time and money, the release noted. Buff Magic is scientifically formulated with jeweler’s rouge to be a metal polish, as well as a buffing and polishing cream.

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Pleasure-Way to debut Promaster Lexor n in Hershey

(Sept. 5, 2014) — “The Promaster Lexor expands our current product line up giving us multiple price points while creating another gas engine B van in the market,” Rumpel added. “The Promaster has a distinct European look and some valuable advantages in interior space.”

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Xantrex introduces Freedom SW 230 VAC

(Sept. 4, 2014) — When connected to an external source of AC power, the Freedom SW allows the energy to pass through and directly power connected equipment and uses surplus power to recharge vehicle or boat batteries. When the external site power is disconnected, the unit automatically inverts DC battery power into AC power.

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Roadmaster offers Quiet Hitch for 1.25-inch receivers

(Sept. 4, 2014) — The latest addition to Roadmaster’s Quiet Hitch family, the 061-125, is for 1.25-inch receivers. The anti-rattle ring eliminates any free play between the receiver and whatever users insert into it for a solid, seamless connection — no more shake, rattle and roll.

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Lance announces significant changes to 2015 trailers

(Sept. 4, 2014) — Today Lance announced significant enhancements to its 2015 ultra-light travel trailer line up. “Not resting on their laurels, Lance took what is currently a very hot seller in the market place and added even more value,” said Rogers.

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Prime Time introduces new lightweight Crusader

(Sept. 3, 2014) — “The Crusader Lite has been engineered to be the smallest and lightest fifth wheel ever offered from Prime Time. Our product team has worked hard to help create a super light, fully-featured fifth wheel that has dazzling looks,” said Wagner.

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Smart GasWatch scale monitors propane tank levels

(Sept. 1, 2014) — “We designed the new Smart GasWatch Scale to fit into most grill cabinets and patio heaters, and it is built to withstand ever-changing weather conditions. The new GasWatch is easy to set up and requires no tools. Simply place the tank on the scale, select the tank weight and the scale is ready-to-go,” said Suman.

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Lifestyle Luxury RV offers rear kitchen floorplan

(Aug. 27, 2014) — “We wanted to give full timers a coach that was not only built to withstand year round travel, but also feels like home,” explained Farrer. “The 3405RK is a unique mix of residential function without losing luxury in the details.”

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Rand McNally launches new RVND 7730 LM GPS

(Aug. 20, 2014) — The device features a new, sleeker hardware design with a 7-inch screen — rugged and large for any RV dashboard. Inside, the RVND has faster processing speed, allowing for quicker route calculation, point of interest searches, route comparisons, and screen-to-screen transitions.

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Bug-A-Salt hunts and destroys flies and pests

(Aug. 19, 2014) — Insect hunting as sport has entered the 21st century with this fun, new non-toxic device. The Bug-A-Salt utilizes ordinary table salt is utilized as a lethal projectile with accuracy range of within 3 feet. Bugs will remain whole for easy clean up.

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Cabin Bright offers 12-volt flourescent tube replacement

(Aug. 14, 2014) — Computer designed to replace 12- and 18-inch fluorescent tubes, the X-Factor is available in 3200°K, 4100°K, and 5500°K color temperatures. The X-Factor is easier to install and is perfect for those fixtures that have a one piece ballast cover/reflector, according to the company.

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New monitoring system texts when RV problems occur

(Aug. 12, 2014) — “This is ideal for people who travel with pets,” said Casebolt. “If the air conditioner goes out, the owners receive a text message alert and can return to their campsites right away to correct the problem or take care of their pets.”

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Magellen’s new RoadMate offers real-time info

(Aug. 8, 2014) — “With internet connectivity provided by Magellan’s SmartGPS iOS and Android companion apps, the user is able to go beyond the confines of typical POI’s with real-time weather alerts, IP traffic, lowest fuel prices, and Yelp deals and reviews as you drive,” said Pedersen.

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