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Fusion’s Sound Panel revolutionizes onboard sound

(April 5, 2017) — The Fusion RV-FS402 Sound-Panel is a complete, shallow-mount 200-watt dual speaker system, designed for simple and versatile installation. Encapsulated in a single enclosure, it incorporates dual 4-inch speakers, tweeters and a passive radiator all tuned for premium sound delivery.

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WiFiRanger introduces new cellular LTE solution

(April 5, 2017) — Limited units available immediately, with full production in May, this offering allows better reception for the data device, by moving the modem out of the coach or RV, and in clear view of the cellular towers, improving reception and data speeds.

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Davis Instruments debuts Mega-Light

(March 29, 2017) — LED lighting has changed how people enjoy the outdoors at night, a press release from Davis Instruments stated. Davis Instruments debuts its Mega-Light. Two models provide bright, clear light, while only drawing 1/50th of an amp.

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Thetford debuts micro-concentrate, Aqua-Kem Shotz

(March 28, 2017) — Thetford Corporation recently introduced new Aqua-Kem Shotz, a micro-concentrated holding tank deodorant. Shotz comes in a space-saving jar that’s easy to grip, recyclable and has a wide mouth that makes it easy to dispense the product.

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Curt: Multi-fit hitches ideal for retailers

(March 28, 2017) — Curt Manufacturing has developed a multi-fit trailer hitch option for retail customers: the #13902 and #13903. Together, these two hitches fit nearly every full-size pickup from Chevy, Ford, GMC, Dodge and Ram from 1999 to 2017, a release from the company stated.

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Start up firm offers roof-top tent for cars

(March 24, 2017) — When iKamper revealed Skycamp it promised to change camping forever. The product? A hard shell, expandable tent that sits snugly on the roof of a car and unfolds into a stylish, comfortable tent in under a minute.

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Antop re-designed digital indoor HDTV antenna

(March 21, 2017) — Re-designed to let you enjoy free over-the-air local broadcast TV, the Antop AT-105B paper thin indoor antenna combines a new contemporary design with digital technology to provide a product that delivers HDTV reception, a release from the company stated.

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SmartPlug makes 50-amp RVs safer

(March 20, 2017) — SmartPlug’s asymmetrical design pushes straight in and automatically aligns the plug with the inlet, making it easier to use. A multi-point locking system ensures it stays securely attached to the weatherproof inlet for maximum performance and safety.

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Shurhold: Multi-purpose handle turns heads

(March 9, 2017) — Just because something is the handiest, most utilitarian tool on board an RV doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive, Shurhold reported in a press release. Shurhold’s premium Fishing Series Handles resemble a high-end fishing rod that fits more than 40 attachments available for the One Handle Does It All system.

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ASA Electronics introduces the Bluetooth XRV10

(March 8, 2017) — ASA Electronics announced the release of the XRV10 Bluetooth Multimedia system, their largest dash stereo to date. In response to customer demand, the company’s engineers custom designed this mechless, touchscreen stereo with a 10.1-inch screen.

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Fleming Sales offers portable gas fire pit

(March 8, 2017) — The device produces 55,000 Btu of heat, and its legs fold up for easy portability. It features a hammered bronze finish and comes with a locking lid and lava rock. The gas regulator and hose are also included.

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Ultra-Fab introduces Handy Gate

(March 6, 2017) — Handy Gate is the latest addition to Ultra-Fab Products’ line of work saving accessories for work and play. Handy Gate is a tailgate lift that elevates loads of up to 1,000 pounds from the ground to the pickup bed level and from the bed to the ground.

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