Podcast episode 004 – An interview with Bert Alanko

(March 27, 2014) — In the podcast interview, Alanko, the president of MBA Insurance, talks about the success of the 2014 RV Rental School and why so many dealers are interested in jumping into the rental market. He describes dealers who make between $500,000 and $1 million in states where they have only a six-month rental season. He describes the advantages for dealers to rent RVs, as well as some of the common pitfalls that dealers can avoid to improve their profitability.

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Lee Thaxton, RV Roof Armor on Podcast 003

(March 20, 2014) — This week’s episode opens with a brief look at the explosion of mobile devices being used to access the Internet. RV Daily Report has published eight stories within the last 10 days about companies in the RV industry launching upgraded versions of their websites. The guest this week is Lee Thaxton, the owner of RV Roof Armor, a company that specializes in restoring RV roofs without having to rip off the old one and build a new roof. RV Roof Armor applies a liquid membrane to any existing RV roof that transforms it into a puncture and tear resistant top. Best of all, the company warranties the product to be leak free for life.

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Podcast episode 002 — David Houle plus Mark Douglass

(March 13, 2014) — At the RVIA Annual Meeting, futurist David Houle describes how America is moving into the Shift Age, away from the Information Age. The huge cultural upheaval currently underway will result in a massive amount of change over the next few decades. Listen to what he has to say about how the Millennial generation joining forces with “digital natives,” those born after 1998 — a group that is 3 million larger than the Baby Boom — who will become the new customers, new employees and new competitors as they shake traditional values.

Then, Mark Douglass, founder of the RV Accessibility Group, describes a huge population of people who love to travel, but have mobility issues that hinder their ability to get around. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act requires specific things be done at businesses to make the facilities more accessible, Douglass said there are some common misconceptions regarding compliance with accessibility laws and why should RV dealers and campground owners must be more vigilant in serving this population of customers.

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000 – RVIN – Introductory Episode

(Feb. 24, 2014) — Editor Greg Gerber describes his reasons for creating the RV Industry News podcast and what it means for RV Daily Report and the RV industry. He describes the advantages of podcasting, and how this new method of portable on demand broadcasting will enhance the daily newsletter by allowing more quality content to be produced directly from industry sources.

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