Brooks Vossler introduces JD Power Protection in Podcast 229

JD Power may be a well-known name, but it is just getting into the RV industry. Brooks Vossler describes the company’s mission and what types of products and services it offers to the RV industry. He describes how the JD Power Academy and the company’s red flag program. He also talks about the new JD Power for Life program, which offers lifetime protection for people who buy RVs from select dealerships.

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Winegard execs discuss emerging technology on Podcast 228

Marvin Metzler, Jarod Ford and Lance Beck talk about Wi-Fi and why it is becoming more important to RV dealers and manufacturers, especially with the anticipated release of more 5G products.They describe HDTV antennas and RV satellite systems and explain why consumers are so eager to embrace them. They discuss how the Internet of Things promises to shake up the way RVs are built and used as well, with special emphasis on how components are communicating with each other.

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Podcast 227 explores Vitrifrigo RV refrigeration

Nelson Pinheiro is the sales manager for Vitrifrigo, an Italian firm that specializes in RV refrigeration. The firm’s products have been installed on European caravans for many years. He describes the history of the company and why the firm is seeking a foothold in the American RV market. Vitrifrigo is looking for RV manufacturers interested in setting themselves apart with different products, but the firm is also hoping to migrate into the North American RV aftermarket soon.

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OnTarget discusses reputation management, branding on Podcast 226

Dawn Varga and Tina Inkrote, managing partners of OnTarget Digital Services, specialize in helping businesses rise to the top of search engine results by paying particular attention to reviews people leave about the companies and their products or services. OnTarget also offers reputation management services to help companies overcome a less than stellar image, and the firm can also help with customer engagement, either through surveys or interaction via social media.

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Sean Raynor discusses IDS GM summit on Podcast 225

Sean Raynor, IDS general manager, describes the type of training that will take place at the GM summit March 11. The agenda is developed specifically for RV dealer principles and their general managers. He offers a glimpse into the type of knowledge participants will gain, especially into understanding the dealership’s key performance indicators.

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Dan Ball describes benefits of FMCA membership on Podcast 224

Today’s guest is Dan Ball, the director of membership for FMCA. He provides a bit of history concerning the organization, and outlines the roll FMCA plays in advocacy, education, and bringing RVers together to have fun. He explains how the organization is structured and really delves into the varied training opportunities offered to FMCA members.

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Podcast 223 features Spartan Specialty Vehicles

Steve Guillaume, the president of Spartan Specialty Vehicles, provides a little history about the company and how Spartan developed its niche in creating custom chassis for RV manufacturers. He also talks about the new service center that opened in Michigan as well as Spartan’s customer training academy.

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RVIA’s Jeremy Greene describes RVX plans in Podcast 222

Today’s guest is Jeremy Greene, the RV Industry Association’s marketing director for trade shows and events. He describes the myriad of activities planned for RVX that is billed as the kick off to the camping season. From the educational sessions to The Reveal as well as a special toolkit for RV dealers, this is an event industry professionals will not want to miss.

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Breakthrough Business Academy featured on Podcast 221

This week’s guest is Peggy Brockman, the founder of the Breakthrough Business Academy, as well as an active RV owner. Brockman has been an online business coach for more than a year, and launched the Breakthrough Business Academy a few weeks ago. Her goal is to work with entrepreneurs and managers to help them break free from the self-limiting beliefs that keep holding them back or working to sabotage every effort they make to achieve success.

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Tony Barthel explains ‘stressless camping’ on Podcast 220

Tony Barthel is the founder of StresslessCamping.com, a website designed to ensure that RVing remains fun and hassle-free. He offers ideas on what campers and RVers can do before their trips to ensure they don’t forget essential items that can add stress to the experience. He then ads a list of post-trip tips that work to make sure the camper is ready for the next trip.

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Jeff Grady promotes synergy between dealers, campgrounds in Podcast 219

Jeff Grady offers some ideas for ways RV dealers can develop synergy with campground owners to serve their common customers, not only through education, but through selling and promoting lifestyle products. He also discusses the trend toward event camping, and offers ideas on how campground owners and dealers can add more value to the overall camping experience.

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Podcast 218 explores campground safety, liability

Irene Jones, with Marshall & Sterling Insurance, offers tips on how to ensure that campgrounds are working with the right carriers and have the right amount of coverage in place. She also talks about some of the most commonly-overlooked problems when it comes to insurance coverage, and those include under-insured buildings, and cyber insurance as it relates to hacking the personal information of customers.

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Tom Dewalt describes Engagenetics in Podcast 217

Tom Dewalt describes his new company, Engagenetics, and how the firm helps dealers and independent salespeople strengthen their customer acquisition ability. Dewalt also talks about some tools his company uses help dealers reduce buyer’s remorse and improve service after the sale. He describes automation that is available to keep customers engaged and involved with the company.

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Podcast 216 describes RECT reports with IDS Astra

Scott Kipp is the product manager overseeing IDS’ dealership management system and API integration with other applications. Don Miller is a senior business consultant overseeing the development of various reporting functions of the company’s software. They discuss the features of the software and explain how the detailed reports can help RV dealers and service managers stay on top of service orders to ensure customers are served promptly.

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Podcast 215 explores forecasting your future

In his book, Shane Bender asks, “What if you had less stress, chaos, and uncertainty, and more influence over where you are going financially?” He outlines the keys to profitability and describes what strategies small business owners need to adopt to ensure they build strong, profitable and growing businesses.

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Soeters explains how Fusion products integrate in Podcast 213

(Dec. 13, 2018) — Dan Soeters, the director of global RV business development for Fusion Entertainment, explains how the company has improved after it was acquired by Garmin in 2014. He describes products made by Fusion and Garmin that help simplify the RV lifestyle and speed efficiency of RV construction. Fusion products are designed to be fully integrated into an RV to control just about every function from one app. That includes audio, visual, mapping, and even turning on the lights and air conditioning. He also offers glimpse at the Australian RV market and compares it to the American and European market.

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Elliott describes healing power of KOA Care Camps

(Dec. 6, 2018) — The guest this week is Wade Elliott, who is the president of Utility Supply Group in Kingston, Wash. He is also heavily involved in the KOA Care Camps program. He comes on the show to explain what Care Camps is all about, and describe the impact it has not only on campers, but the people who serve them. He explains how all of us can participate in the program to bring magical healing experiences to kids battling cancer.

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Podcast 211 explains how to keep rodents out of RVs

(Nov. 29, 2018) — Now is the time of year that mice are looking for comfortable living arrangements for the winter, and if people are not using their RV, then rodents figure they might as well settle in. Nick Olynyk, president of Grandpa Gus’s Repellents explains what types of products work best to discourage rodents from taking up residence. The company offers convenient pouches that you strategically place in the RV as well as spray products.

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Podcast 210: Ernie Lansford tells how to be a customer success master

(Nov. 21, 2018) — Ernie Lansford is the author of The Poetics of Sales: A Sales Rep’s Journey From Tolerated Professional Visitor to Celebrated Partner. The book is also about leadership, especially as it pertains to his 18 immutable customer success codes. Those apply not only to sales, but to management and everyday life, if you want to be successful. Ernie offers unique insight into the different types of relationships salespeople have with customers, and describes the sales culture as a reflection of business practices today.

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