Bob Hansen talks about pets and playgrounds on Podcast 242

Bob Hansen, with Pet & Playground, describes options campgrounds have when it comes to designing unique, marketable play and exercise areas for families camping with pets and children. The firm helps campgrounds move from being “pet friendly” or “child friendly” to creating an environment that conveys an opportunity for every member of a family to have an enjoyable experience. The firm also helps campgrounds create common areas and premium patio sites.

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Author John Hebard reveals marriage-saving tactic on Campfire Connection

Today’s guest is John Hebard, an RVer from Kansas City who took an unusual route to save a troubled marriage. Rather than separating, he and his wife, Laura, bought and RV and started traveling the country together.

During the process, they rediscovered what made them fall in love in the first place. They also got to experience some memorable adventures along the way. So, rather than becoming another divorce statistic, the Hebards decided on a plan that was quite-possibly the most insane thing they could have come up with.

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Jim Pelley talks about humor at work, making better presentations in Podcast 241

Jim Pelley is a consultant, advisor and motivational speaker who helps companies improve sales and customer service. He’s founded LaughterWorks.com. He is often called to address people who are employed at making big ticket sales. Jim likes to stress is that salespeople need to be mindful of the types of questions they ask during the sales process. He also offers good insight regarding how complaints are really a good thing for a company.

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Podcast 240 features SureShade awnings

This week’s guest is Dana Russikoff, the business leader and co-founder of SureShade, a new type of awning making its way into the RV industry. The awning was developed for the boating industry and is being adapted for RV use. By using a unique structure that includes cross-member supports, it is super strong and can withstand winds up to 55 miles per hour. The awning uses a telescoping system that is mounted to the roof. It offers a choice of fabric colors and comes with a three-year warranty.

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In Podcast 239, Derrick Crandall addresses kids, technology and the outdoors

An advocate for getting families to spend more time outdoors, Derrick Crandall offers ideas on ways to incorporate technology with outdoor adventure. He believes managed technology can supplement active outdoor fun, and he describes the new Agents of Discovery augmented reality game. He also has ideas on how businesses can encourage families to spend more time outside.

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From the archives: Podcast interview with John and Kathy Huggins

This podcast, which was originally released in January 2015, remains one of the most listened to episodes RV Daily Report has ever produced. It is being re-released as a Campfire Connection episode. It features an interview with John and Kathy Huggins, the founders of Living the RV Dream, who had been full-time RVing since 2005. They founded one of the most dynamic online communities of RV enthusiasts.

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Hipcamp CEO Alyssa Ravasio outlines a new way to camp on Podcast 238

The guest today is Alyssa Ravasio, the CEO of Hipcamp, a company that connects folks who like to camp with people and businesses with space to accommodate RVs. The site boasts having 300,000 campsites, ranches, vineyards, RV parks and public parks among its mix of host sites. She describes the requirements to be a host and what services need to be provided when it comes to power, restrooms, water, sewer and insurance – and whether they are required at all.

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Roger Krinic explains how SoftStart helps start RV air conditioners in Podcast 237

This week’s guest is Roger Krinic, an engineer with Micro-Air, who helped design the EasyStart system that starts RV air conditioners even on a limited power source, like a portable generator or inverter. He explains how the EasyStart works and describes how the device makes it possible for RVers to enjoy air conditioning, even in boondocking situations. The device is also helpful in starting two RV air conditioners on a 30-amp power supply.

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Randy Fisher explains RV sales process in Episode 2 of Campfire Connection

There is a seven-step sales process that dealers generally follow that starts with the meet and greet, continues through the product presentation and demonstration, and culminates with the close. Randy describes each of the seven steps in details to help consumers understand what to expect along the way so they aren’t caught off guard when the salesperson seems to be guiding them toward a specific action.

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Torklift’s Jack Kay describes opportunities in Podcast 236

Jack Kay, the CEO of Torklift, believes that opportunity in the RV industry is unlimited. All it takes is for companies to listen to what people are actually saying bugs them about products or verbalizing what they wish existed – and then go about making it a reality. He recognizes that even though Torklift is an American company that makes its products in America, if RV companies don’t work to disrupt themselves, then others will come in and shake things up anyway. That’s the power of a global economy.

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Mark Douglass warns campgrounds, dealers about ADA accessibility on Podcast 235

Mark Douglass, the founder of RVing Accessibility, has a compelling story to share as someone who was once confined to a wheelchair. As a result, he is an expert in the intent of the law, and the mechanics of how businesses need to make their facilities accessible to people of all abilities. Mark explains just how big a problem it is for the RV and outdoor hospitality industries, and he describes some common issues business owners face because they either aren’t aware of the law or think it doesn’t apply to their companies.

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Sparkspace founder explains how to conduct effective meetings in Podcast 234

This week’s guest is Mark Henson, the founder of Sparkspace, an event center in Columbus, Ohio. He is an expert at facilitating meetings by getting people to communicate with each other. He offers some tips on how to get people talking face to face so they build meaningful relationships while sharing ideas. He also outlines some of the necessary steps to conduct productive meetings.

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RV lifestyle expert Tara Sage kicks off Campfire Connection podcast

Today’s guest is Tara Sage, the founder of RV Nomadic Living. She has been traveling the nation full-time for a number of years with her partner, Carl, to help others to embrace their dream of travel – well before they retire. Her goal is to help people get started on pursuing their dream – but faster. She does that through educational services on her website and one-on-one coaching.

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In Podcast 233, Brenner tells how Rollick uses tech to help connect dealers to buyers

This week’s guest is Bernie Brenner, the CEO of Rollick. It is a company that merges technology with core business practices to help dealers close more sales and better understand what really motivates their customers and prospects. Because each consumer is different, how is it possible to know what they expect? Rollick helps dealers take advantage of data to know who their customers are and to build trust early in the relationship.

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Podcast 232 explores Jellystone Park franchise opportunity

Today’s guest is is Jim Westover, the vice president of product development and sales for Jellystone Parks. Jellystone is hosting a one-day seminar in Phoenix April 27 for prospective campground owners. Jim explains the purpose of the meeting and what types of topics will be discussed, and describes some of the networking opportunities that will be offered for people to connect with company officials and Jellystone Park owners.

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Worthington describes RV Rental Connection in Podcast 231

Today’s guest is Bonnie Worthington, the founder and CEO of RV Rental Connection, an international company serving RV owners and renters of all types of RVs. Many RV owners would likely consider renting out their RVs, if they knew how to do it in a way that won’t get them in trouble or cause them to lose money in the process. That’s where RV Rental Connection can help.

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Podcast 230 explores services from Advanced Outdoor Solutions

The guests today are Kathleen Walsh and Bob Gillcash with Advanced Outdoor Solutions. The company provides a myriad of services to help campgrounds utilize technology to become more efficient. The firm can also assist in the development or expansion of campgrounds as well as the day-to-day management of those facilities. They describe the features of the company’s Mosaic reservation system that enables campgrounds to manage reservations as efficiently as it manages social media and digital marketing – all from the same platform.

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Brooks Vossler introduces JD Power Protection in Podcast 229

JD Power may be a well-known name, but it is just getting into the RV industry. Brooks Vossler describes the company’s mission and what types of products and services it offers to the RV industry. He describes how the JD Power Academy and the company’s red flag program. He also talks about the new JD Power for Life program, which offers lifetime protection for people who buy RVs from select dealerships.

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Winegard execs discuss emerging technology on Podcast 228

Marvin Metzler, Jarod Ford and Lance Beck talk about Wi-Fi and why it is becoming more important to RV dealers and manufacturers, especially with the anticipated release of more 5G products.They describe HDTV antennas and RV satellite systems and explain why consumers are so eager to embrace them. They discuss how the Internet of Things promises to shake up the way RVs are built and used as well, with special emphasis on how components are communicating with each other.

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