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CA: Paradise Post: Dog, cat, motorhome and me

I have no qualms at all setting off with a dog or two. There is no doubt in my mind I can manage a good life for my traveling dogs and in fact will probably end up planning extended stops based on the presence of a dog park. Golly, I could do a travel-log on dog parks across the nation and rate them with stars like restaurants; The Travelling Dogs.

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CA: Tent and car camping – moving up to small trailer camping

Many folks have been backpacking fans or car campers over the years, enjoying the joys of unfettered camping, ease of packing, set-up and leaving a small carbon footprint with their travels. But with advancing age, more folks consider modest upsizing and potential comfort — gains that can be found with small travel trailers.

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Girl Camper: Cast iron cooking 101 with Kate Dunbar

I first experienced cast iron food on a Girl Camping trip in Tennessee many years ago with some serious cast iron mavens. Not only was the food delicious but I was completely sold on the idea of mastering this art, being part of this subculture of old fashioned cooking and connecting to the generations of women behind me.

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Live Laugh Love: Three bloggers, three cameras, one desert

Wilderness, wild horses, pristine waters, and adventure await, all within a mere thirty minute drive away from the hustle and bustle of the big city of Phoenix, Arizona. I always enjoy my time exploring the far east side of the Phoenix valley, and my recent excursion with blog friends did not disappoint.

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Rolling in a RV: Southern California Railway museum

The museum’s collection started in 1956 when a group of young men, some still in their teens, bought a few retired Los Angeles trolley cars.The museum property now covers more than 20 acres and has over 100 pieces of rolling stock – some complete and operational but others just shells.

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RV Lifestyle: New upholstery for Sprinter seats

I tended to “accumulate” things as I swung by the factory periodically, and one of the things I got was a new set of seat upholstery for my two (and only) seats. A year ago I bought some aftermarket foam-backed cloth covers that go over the original seat upholstery, so the need wasn’t pressing, but I decided to put them on anyway and then reinstall the protective cloth covers.

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Airstream: Sights beyond the lights

When it comes to Nevada, Las Vegas gets all the attention. But don’t be fooled – Nevada has a lot to offer beyond the glitz and glitter of the Strip. For the Airstreamer, Nevada is a particularly attractive place to explore, with plenty of wide open spaces, quirky roadside attractions, Wild West flavor, and excellent boondocking opportunities.

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Watsons Wander: Excapers annual bash

Well, it happened. These self-proclaimed “not rally, convergence or large group” people went to a gathering with approximately 300 RVs and 500 people! Crazy I know. And guess what? Not only was it not nearly as overwhelming as expected, but it was so much FUN!

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