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Roaming Free: Travel day to Pearland, Tex.

When we traveled to Port Aransas from the Valley, since we were coming from the south, we just crossed a bridge from Corpus Christi to get onto Mustang Island. We could have left the same way, but since we were going north from there, it would have added unnecessary miles to our drive.

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Russ on the Road: Smokin’.

Not long ago I wrote a post about a kitchen gadget called a Chef’n which is a small, hand operated vegetable chopper that we use around the RV kitchen and our home kitchen as well. As I wrote in the opening remarks of that post it was a departure from the kinds of things about which I usually write.

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Gypsy Journal RV: Ghosts of Yuma Territorial Prison

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you think it is possible that the spirits of those long departed from this world can return? Are tales of ghosts and hauntings merely the product of overactive imaginations? Ask some of the rangers at Arizona’s Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park, and you might learn that more than a few believe in ghosts.

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Live. Work. Dream.: Small town Texas organic panic

Our long, speedy journey east to Texas wasn’t easy, but I’ll let Jim tell you about the mechanical details later. I’m just glad it finally ended at Kerrville-Schreiner Park Park, one of the nicest spots we’ve ever stayed in as far as organized campgrounds go.

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Live Laugh RV: Our Phoenix adventure continues

It was day two of our blogger get together. I had another fun excursion planned for the day sharing some of my favorite Arizona scenery with friends. While getting ready that morning, I received a text message from Nancy reluctantly bowing out of the day’s activities.

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We’re The Russos: Choosing a domicile for full time RVing

In all of our research about full time RVing, one recurring topic is choosing a domicile state. While some RVers choose to keep their domicile state, others will pick a new domicile state. We chose Texas as our domicile state and in this post we share what that process was like.

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RV Lifestyle: A week in our new RV

We’ve had our new 2019 Leisure Travel Van FX for about a week now, traveling about 1,800 miles through four states and Jen, Bo and I have been slowly getting used to it and the extra room and comforts it provides.

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