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Henley’s Happy Trails: Dry camping and travel tips, part 4

We’re welcoming our fifth year as full time RVers with a new travel segment called Dry Camping and Travel Tips with Levi! Our aim is to provide helpful tips to RV newbies and hopefully share a bit more with veteran full timers on all things urban and primitive dry camping (a.k.a. boondocking).

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RV Wheel Life: Best and worst driver-friendly states

Oregon, according to WalletHub.com, is the overall most ‘driver friendly’ state in the USA. The personal finance website consider such diverse elements as road quality, traffic congestion, the likelihood of colliding with a deer, and average gas prices.

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FMCA convention returns to Tucson in 2020

“I’m not sure why this facility fell off the radar screen of event organizers at FMCA, but we’ve recently made site visits to check out its current status and feel sure it will make a great gathering place for our members,” said Walker.

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Chris Dougherty returns to RVing in New England

Chis Dougherty, the technical editor of Trailer Life and Motorhome magazines, joins John DiPietro and Bob Zagami this week on RVing in New England to talk about all the new RVs featured in the February issues as well as the 2019 Trailer Life Annual Buyer’s guide.

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RV Wheel Life: Taxa’s Mantis trailer, part 3

“The Mantis is really easy to deploy,” said David Tracy, internet manager for World Wide RV in Mesa, Ariz. The size and weight is perfect for city-dwellers who “want to go out passed civilization, where no one is normally around.”

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RV Lifestyle: Putting out a galley fire

This week, I want to take some time to offer some safety tips about cooking in your RV. If you read them now, you won’t have to wonder what to do if a fire suddenly gets out of control in your RV galley.

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RV Wheel Life: Taxa’s Mantis trailer, part 2

Taxa is definitely appealing to a niche market,” said Hugh Green, sales rep with Sutton RV in Eugene, Ore.,“They are absolutely geared to an active group who love getting out there hiking, kayaking and mountain biking.”

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RV Wheel Life: ‘Road Trip USA’ fun guidebook

(Jan. 28, 2019) — This 2018 edition (Moon Travel Guide, 952 pages, paperback, lots of photos) features information for independent-minded RV travelers. Written for those who take the back roads of this great country instead of speeding down the “soulless” interstates.

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