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Outside Our Bubble: Fast RV internet

This video is NOT a tutorial, it is showing you how we currently do Internet while on the road. Even though it may be beyond some people who read our blog, you still may find it interesting seeing we are asked often how we do internet and keep a connection.

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TX: Man brings vintage RVs back to life

An East Texas Man is bringing old travel trailers back to life to give people a nostalgic way to tour the country. In 2014 Ethan Langley and his wife restored a 1960 Shasta and hit the road with it.

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Do photos capture the essence of travel, or ruin it?

While the decision was first made to stop taking pictures because I felt like I was cheating myself out of pure, unadulterated presence in every great moment, I now realize that there was another benefit: My memories of my travels are no longer dominated by loose connotations associated with frozen images; instead, the highlight reel plays itself.

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Henley’s Happy Trails: Dry camping and travel tips, part 4

We’re welcoming our fifth year as full time RVers with a new travel segment called Dry Camping and Travel Tips with Levi! Our aim is to provide helpful tips to RV newbies and hopefully share a bit more with veteran full timers on all things urban and primitive dry camping (a.k.a. boondocking).

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RV Wheel Life: Best and worst driver-friendly states

Oregon, according to WalletHub.com, is the overall most ‘driver friendly’ state in the USA. The personal finance website consider such diverse elements as road quality, traffic congestion, the likelihood of colliding with a deer, and average gas prices.

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FMCA convention returns to Tucson in 2020

“I’m not sure why this facility fell off the radar screen of event organizers at FMCA, but we’ve recently made site visits to check out its current status and feel sure it will make a great gathering place for our members,” said Walker.

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