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Stress Less Camping: RV extended warranties

There are a lot of factors that can determine if an extended warranty makes sense for you including factors in your own life. Furthermore, there are all sorts of companies offering warranties and some are good, others not so much. So let’s start with you, shall we?

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The Fit RV: Building the new fit RV shop

The shop is now fully operational! Kind of like the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi… Everything in the shop can be run now, even if it still looks incomplete. I’ve come up with a few work-arounds to get things to work, but they all do.

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RV Life: This adventure-bound big DIY RV has tiny house quality

If you asked Brian and Sharon Jones “What’s the best rig for full-time living?” they will probably quip “The one you make yourself, of course!” This Texas couple knows. Their adventure-bound big DIY RV has all the best quality features of a well-made tiny house or high end RV. But it has a price tag that’s thousands of dollars less.

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Live. Work. Dream.: Messy RV closet hangers problem solved

For the last four years I’ve been over-thinking our RV closet problem. I just assumed there was some gadget to buy, or RV hack Honey Do project that needed to happen in order to keep our messy RV closet hangers from jumping off the bathroom and closet rods whenever we moved on down the road.

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Roaming Free: In and around Houston

Getting to Galveston Island wasn’t too bad, and the Pearland/Friendswood area is manageable, but if you need to go anywhere near Houston, or worse yet, somewhere on the other side of Houston, it’s a nightmare!

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Outside Online: The ultimate guide to RVing

Now Jeremy and his wife, Stephanie, spend up to 100 days a year in an RV with their three kids. They discuss the nuances of RV travel on their podcast, RV Family Travel Atlas, and in an upcoming book titled See You at the Campground.

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Gypsy Journal RV: Hall of Flame Museum of firefighting

We toured the Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting in Phoenix, and to say we were impressed would be a gross understatement. Located near the Phoenix Zoo and Phoenix Municipal Stadium, the museum displays over 130 restored wheeled pieces of firefighting equipment dating from 1725 to 1969.

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New season starts for Rollin’ On TV

With spring around the corner, and more and more people buying or looking at getting pre-owned RVs, Rollin’ On TV decided to prepare a couple of stories that just may answer some of questions people have about used RVs.

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Travel With Kevin and Ruth: Missing the sunshine

During the four months we were in Mexico, almost every single day was blue sky and sunshine. Now that we have crossed the border, it seems the weather changed immediately. It hasn’t even been a week since we crossed, but we are missing the sunshine already!

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VA: Outdoor parents share tips and tricks for adventures with kids

“During the school year, it’s go, go, go time,” Brooks said. “My boys both play soccer, they’re both in scouts. One is in band and then church activities. Just so much stuff going on. When you get away, you almost forget about all of that stuff because you’re in a new place, you’re away from everything. It’s really cool to unplug and be with your family.”

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