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CA: RVs in the Santa Clarita Valley

From beach-side camping just down the coast to traveling cross-country for a yard sale, Santa Clarita Valley RV owners love a little escape from the mundane. But with so many options available, choosing your first or next RV can cause some dilemma.

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LA: Preacher and wife spread Gospel as workampers

When The Dart landed on Riverview RV Park in Vidalia on Thursday, David Embry and his wife, Linda, were making plans to say goodbye to their temporary neighbors after spending the past five months there preaching the Gospel as “workampers.”

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2019 Alaska RV Camping Guide now available

The guide also includes maps of several regions of Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory as well as advertisements for several campground resorts and companies that provide halibut and salmon fishing tours or jeep tours on the Denali Highway.

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Love Your RV: Sunset photography hike

I head out just before sunset for a little hike and photography near Twin Peaks Campground in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. I follow the Palo Verde trail a short way from the campground towards the visitor center stopping at a previously scouted out location of photo taking.

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Russ on the Road: ‘It slices, it dices’

I’m hardly the kind of person from whom you’d expect a review of a kitchen gadget–usually I write about things like solar panels, batteries, GPS units, motorcycle clothing and the like–but this review is in fact about a kitchen gadget.

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27 Instagram captions for RVing that’ll capture the adventure

Traveling is all about discovering hidden gems, and the van life makes that so easy to do. You can feed your wanderlust, without having to depend on flights, trains, or buses. So, here are some of the best Instagram captions for traveling in a camper van that will capture your journey from start to finish.

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Gone Workamping: RV vlogs

This week I decided to talk about YouTube vloggers. A co-worker and I discovered we watch a few of the same ones and I have my mom hooked on one as well.

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RV-A-Gogo: Showing off a little of Maine’s bounty

The beauty of being in mid-coast Maine is that there are lots of day trips and interesting places within a short drive. Just south of our campground are some beautiful peninsulas where lobster boats bob in the water, scenic views scream for you to pull over to snap a pic, and local characters are charming and interesting.

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