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Live. Work. Dream.: Stop to enjoy the magic

(Oct. 11, 2018) — It was our fourth visit to Chimayo, where we first met the magical Mr. Medina in 2008. We left feeling blessed, honored to have shared time being enchanted by the Chile Man of Chimayo once again. And we did not take a single picture. I’m okay with that.

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Watsons Wander: Finding bliss in North Cascades NP

(Oct. 11, 2018) — I guess it should come as no surprise that even after 6+ years of full-time RVing we are still figuring things out. It seemed so simple in the beginning. We would travel around for a few years, fall in love with a new place to live, buy a house, and settle down again. Except that is not what happened.

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Geeks on Tour: Smartphone help desk

(Oct. 10, 2018) — As Geeks on Tour, my husband Jim and I travel around the country and present seminars on personal technology like how to use smartphones, how to manage all those pictures you take with your phone, and how to use Google Maps, among other things.

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Campendium: Amanda and Tim’s favorite camping gear

(Oct. 10, 2018) — We met Tim and Amanda shortly after they first started traveling full-time in their Airstream in 2012. Since then, they have been great friends to us personally and long time supporters of Campendium. Like Tiffani, Amanda was an early reviewer, and she and Tim both have spent time working on the campground database.

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Box Canyon Blog: An opportunity to overlook Ouray

(Oct. 9, 2018) — The Weehawken Trailhead couldn’t be more than a couple/three miles from our front door. I only hike Weehawken in the fall nowadays, ever since I got bit by a mosquito on that trail a few years back. You can’t go wrong in early October, though. No bugs and fiery aspen and oak brush leaves.

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Live Laugh RV: A weekend in Sedona, Ariz.

(Oct. 9, 2018) — A geological marvel … one of America’s most beautiful places … multi-hued red rock formations jutting upwards from the high desert floor creating a mesmerizing setting … ah,yes … I’m talking about stunningly beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

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RV Life: Here’s where to camp for free in Ohio

(Oct. 9, 2018) — Those of you that follow this blog on a regular basis know that I am all about free camping and boondocking. I have encountered many RVers that feel free camping and boondocking opportunities are only available in the western United States where there is an abundance of federal public land.

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Gypsy Journal RV: Cardboard boat museum

(Oct. 9, 2018) — Whenever we can, we get off the interstate highways and travel the back roads of America. I’ve always said that a Grand Slam at a Denny’s in Paducah, Kentucky isn’t going to be any different than one at a Denny’s in Tucson, Arizona.

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