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The best cars to tow behind RVs

Adventurous people who use RVs may prefer to bring not only the comforts of home along on a road trip, but also their personal vehicles. But, which cars can be towed behind an RV?

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The best activities for your next RV trip

Once you arrive at your campground or RV park, the rest of your trip should be composed of you and your family enjoying fun outdoor sports and activities. After all, do you really just want to sit around in the RV all day?

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AK: New owner plans private campground along Knik River

“The property came with five cabins so those will be back in the woods a bit, some tent camping, and then for people who have RVs. But the main thing that I’m working on is we need some kind of toilet facilities: water, power, things like that. So just the basic amenities for a campground,” Parker explained.

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Rolling in a RV: Lancaster, Calif., murals

The murals were a nice surprise for us. We spotted one as we were walking/rolling along Lancaster Blvd and then it became a hunt to find more. The murals are part of two projects – the Aerospace Walk of Honor that spotlights test pilots, and the POW!WOW!.

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Live Laugh RV: Life through a lens

Looking at life through the lens of my camera has helped enlighten my awareness of the world around me. I notice little things and details in my everyday activities that I may not have noticed if it weren’t for my interest in photography.

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Top 8 RV camping tips for seniors

An RV is an excellent way for seniors to experience camping, either as couples or part of a larger family gathering. Going on a camping trip with an RV takes away the hassles commonly associated with setting up a tent. This camping option also offers an alternative to staying in hotels, providing the flexibility to go anywhere you want.

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Gypsy Journal RV: Eco-Discovery Center

One hidden gem we discovered was the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center, a facility of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), dedicated to educating the public about marine life and habitat.

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Live. Work. Dream.: Simple tail light wiring repair makes my day

After dealing with mysterious engine trouble codes and then just a week later replacing the driver squib on our Dodge Ram, I nearly screamed when Rene came home at dusk one evening and immediately got out to run around the ruck and check all the lights. We easily noticed the rear left blinker was out. I didn’t get really frustrated, however, until I discovered the issue was not as simple as a burned out bulb.

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KOA: 10 under-the-radar national monuments to visit

In addition to well-known destinations like the Statue of Liberty and New Mexico’s oft-photographed White Sands, there are numerous others that you might be less familiar with—and which absolutely merit a visit. From ancient petroglyphs to the world’s third longest cave system (who knew!), these are 10 under-the-radar national monuments to visit.

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RV Lifestyle: Think like a mechanic and save on repairs

There’s a surprising amount of things you can puzzle out yourself and save big bucks on repairs. Let me walk you through a problem I just had and solved by thinking like a mechanic. Which is easy for me – I AM a mechanic. But follow along and you’ll see the diagnostic reasoning, which anyone can do.

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How to inspect an RV for leaks

Even if you take care of your RV as best as you can, there are chances that the water may seep through the roof or even minute cracks in your windows and doorways. You need to inspect your rig regularly and thoroughly to ensure that things don’t get out of control.

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Outside Our Bubble: Why you want a water softener

Our connector has been in use for about 2 years if I recall. So the water that has been run though it is mostly from Upstate N.Y., Burleson Texas, and Fort McDowell Ariz. The water used in Ariz., this case would be the “hardest” water of the areas we travel.

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