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Airstream: 4G LTE connectivity solution

Over the past month or so, Chris has been traveling with Airstream Connected, an Airstream-designed 4G LTE connectivity kit that enables travelers to turn their Silver Bullet (or Nest, Basecamp, or Touring Coach) into a powerful Wi-Fi network.

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Airstream: What does boondocking mean?

Boondocking means going off-grid – taking your RV onto unimproved land without power, water or sewer connections. Airstreamers have been boondocking since the first Silver Bullets rolled off the assembly line.

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Do It Yoruself RV: Visiting Joshua Tree National Park

When winter seems to linger a little too long, one of the best places to escape to is the desert. The epitome of deserts has got to be Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. This park has it all: sand, rocks, cactus, some odd looking trees, and a wide expanse of blue sky.

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Live. Work. Dream.: Deep cleaning our RV carpet the easy way

RVing and dogs are a great combo, but not when it comes to keeping a clean rig. Dogs create an extra layer of filth inside, especially on the carpet. Ours were rather disgusting and recently I couldn’t take it anymore. I spent a few hours deep cleaning our RV carpet and wow what a difference!

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RV Lifestyle: Making campfire donuts

When we went camping last summer near Sliver Lake Sand Dunes in northern Michigan, we stayed at a family friendly campground with two of our three grown kids and their spouses, along with four of our eight grandchildren.

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Airstream: Diane Triples

Our Airstreams are dreams come true. This point is spot on for Airstream Ambassador Diane. The story of how this lover of the nomadic life came to live on the road full-time goes beyond dream-like, entering the realm of a bright, shiny fairy tale.

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Live Camp Work: Domicile, home base and mail forwarding

There are 3 big decisions when planning and preparing to go full-time in your RV. Regardless of where you plan to go and what amazing adventures you will likely have, you will have to setup these 3 things to make the RV life your dreaming of, come to fruition!

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The best Airstream camping in February

At the northwest entrance of Yellowstone National Park, there lies Mammoth Campground. At Mammoth, you’ll set up camp on a high sagebrush steppe above the Gardner River, with juniper and Douglas fir trees speckling the landscape.

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