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Check out these renovated vintage trailers

(Nov. 14, 2018) — Masters of vintage restoration and vintage renovation, the almost decade-old Flyte Camp team utilize their unique skills, perspective, and expertise to breathe new life into travel trailers.

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Girl Camper: Campground gourmet cookbook debut

(Nov. 14, 2018) — I am happy to welcome Kate Dunbar to the podcast today. She’s a former restaurateur, the genius behind Kate’s Curios Kitchen blog, Campground of the Week Podcast correspondent and hostess with the mostest at Girl Camping events all over.

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RV Life: How to find, review RV parks on RV Life’s app

(Nov. 14, 2018) — To enjoy the destination and the journey, you need to be able to find an accommodating campsite for your tent, trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome. Whether it’s a quick overnight stop on your way to a National Park, the park itself, or an elaborate full-featured RV resort, the RV Life app will help you get there.

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RV Family Travel Atlas: Vanlife with kids

(Nov. 13, 2018) — #Vanlife with kids certainly seems like an oxymoron, but we know some people out there are loving it. Sure, their IG pictures might be a little more cluttered and messy. That’s just kids for you…at home or on the road.

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Drivin’ and Vibin’: Why RV life won’t solve your problems

(Nov. 13, 2018) — I think sometimes there’s a dreamy misconception about RV Life. It’s exciting, the prospect of leaving everything behind for a simpler life, full of beauty and adventure. And this lifestyle is all those things, but it comes with its own struggles, hardships and constant repairs. So if you’re considering hitting the road to escape all your problems, think again.

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RV Life: 4 amazing places to visit near Austin

(Nov. 13, 2018) — Country music singer Willie Nelson croons about being “on the road again’ and goin’ places that I’ve never been.” When your travels take you on the road to Austin, Texas, be sure to visit Willie’s nine-hole Pedernales Golf Course in nearby Spicewood. The official course name is Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Cut N Putt. The par 36 course measures 3,330 yards.

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Roads Less Traveled: 80 years of RV travel history

(Nov. 13, 2018) — While the most famous and beloved part of the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, Indiana, is the fabulous display of antique trailers and motorhomes downstairs, the library upstairs is an equally outstanding (if less flashy) gem.

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Aluminarium: RV chickadee

(Nov. 13, 2018) — We met Kelly almost a year ago at American Girl Mine Road during a big Xscapers event. There was so much going on at the time, we didn’t have a chance to really get to know each other, so I was happy when she joined us at our boondocking spot this week.

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On the Road of Retirement: Enjoying the beach at Gamble Rogers State Park

(Nov. 12, 2018) — We left the Golden Isles of Georgia and made our way into Florida. Normally we stop for a stay at Hannah Park in Jacksonville Florida to visit the Mayo for our checkups but we both have had everything done this year (except our flu shots which we need to get ASAP) so we drove on through Jacksonville and a short while later pulled into our oceanfront site at Gamble Rogers State Park in Flagler Beach Florida.

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Gypsy Journal RV: Fireworks in November

(Nov. 12, 2018) — I expected to set off some fireworks in yesterday’s blog about the woman being thrown out of the campground swimming pool because she had her two emotional support dogs in the water with her, and I wasn’t disappointed. And while most of the blog comments were positive, I did get hammered by email.

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Do It Yourself RV: 6 historic Presidential sites across the US

(Nov. 12, 2018) — One of the greatest things about traveling the country—whether in an RV or otherwise—is the opportunity to see all of the amazing historic sites our nation has to offer. Sure, our country may be young. However, we’ve had a lot going on in our short history, and it is fascinating to witness the sites where incredible historic events took place.

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Roaming Free: All things Detroit and a food truck rally

(Nov. 12, 2018) — On Facebook last week, I saw a post about an “All Things Detroit” market day at Eastern Market that was happening on Sunday. It sounded interesting, and having lived almost my entire adult life in the Detroit area, I’ve never been to Eastern Market . . . so we decided to go.

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