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Florida camping sites you’ll love

Temperatures in Florida are comfortable for camping right now, and you don’t want to be left out without a camping site this winter. Most sites are already booked on the weekends, but if your boss is cool with you taking a few days off, there should be plenty of availability in the middle of the week.

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RV Blogger: Full time RV costs to consider

Full-time RVing–a dream that many imagine but also wonder how to turn the dream into reality. It’s all about having a plan. Now, some folks are great with that while others just did not end up with the planning gene. Have no fear, it’s all outlined for you here.

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Live Laugh RV: Visit Phoenix and step back in time

Are you an adventurous traveler? Are you looking for a scenic memorable day trip near Phoenix, Arizona? Well, I’ve got just the day excursion for you. Al and I first drove this 80 mile scenic loop several years ago and it still ranks as one of our top favorite day trips in Arizona.

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RV Lifestyle: Driving in a blizzard

We just returned from a 1,200 mile trip from Manitoba to Michigan and experienced snow and sub-zero temperatures the entire route. I thought I had seen blizzards before. But the one we drove through from the Manitoba border and down I-29 in North Dakota till we were forced off at Grand Forks was the worst I have ever seen.

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Hebards resign from Epic Nomad TV show

While filming, John also began to write his first novel, a passion and dream he has had since his time in the military. The couple has refocused on Hebard’s Travels, getting the book published, and going back to their roots of creating short form videos, the release noted.

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