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Do It Yourself RV: 5 things to consider when buying an RV lot

The beauty of owning an RV is that you have the ability to wake up in a different location nearly every morning. Full-time or half-time RVers know this better than anyone. However, there are some RV owners who feel the need to quit life on the road and put down some roots but want to keep their RV life. This is where the private RV lot comes in.

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RV Lifestyle: Trying to make the foolproof RV

We’ve been traveling North America for the past month. Checking out small motorhomes and visiting various RV manufacturing facilities and this week, we want to share the visit we just made to Manitoba, Canada and the factory where Leisure Travel Vans makes its excellent line of Class B-Plus motorhomes.

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FMCA rally rolls into Georgia fairgrounds March 13 to 16

“The Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter checks the box on almost all of the items on our needs list when it comes to hosting an RV convention,” said Walker. “And one of the key things that keeps bringing us back is that the facility and the community extend a warm welcome to us each time.”

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Mortons step down from Epic Nomad project

“Now that we’ve completed these two major milestones, we are eager to refocus on our own content, brand, and community of followers, which are all growing in very exciting ways,” said Caitlin Morton.

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Rolling in a RV: More Colorado River Boondocking

One of the best things about the RTR gatherings us that we get to meet and become friends with people who have had vastly different life experiences, who have lived all over the country and world, and who bring new and different ideas into discussions.

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RV Life: The ultimate RV and camping podcast playlist

In the distant past, music CDs, audio books and FM radio were the only soundtrack for RV road trips. Not anymore. Smart phones and Internet connected vehicles give us dozens of ways to fuel our adventures with sound, like this ultimate RV and camping podcasts playlist.

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Roaming Free: Motorhome maintenance – windshield

We’d been here about a month, sitting in one place, not moving at all, when one morning we noticed a line in the center of the windshield. Tom thought it was a drip of water, but after looking closer, we realized that it was a crack . . . and we had no idea where it came from!

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Live. Work. Dream.: Tiny house hipster hypocrisy

The trendy tiny house movement that’s made headlines over the last few years used to make me feel hopeful for western civilization. I assumed tiny house dwellers were doing it to tread lighter on the planet. But you know what they say about assuming.

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Florida camping sites you’ll love

Temperatures in Florida are comfortable for camping right now, and you don’t want to be left out without a camping site this winter. Most sites are already booked on the weekends, but if your boss is cool with you taking a few days off, there should be plenty of availability in the middle of the week.

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