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Technomadia: 2018 gift giving guide for RVers

(Nov. 26, 2018) — And just like that, the holiday season is upon us again. And popping up on every RVer and boater blog, are gift giving guides full of affiliate linked ideas of stuff that keeps their travels going strong.

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WA: Wayfinder has all the options covered

(Nov. 26, 2018) — New Age Caravans’ partnership with automotive specialists Walkinshaw Automotive Group — the company behind Holden Special Vehicles — has produced a very accommodating camper.

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Small Trailer Enthusiast: Heng’s Vortex II fan

(Nov. 23, 2018) — We all have it. It’s that list in the back of our heads of upgrades we want to do to our trailers. I’ve slowly been pecking away at mine, and recently I knocked off a couple of things I’ve been looking forward to completing.

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Live. Work. Dream.: Coolest new RV park product at SEMA

(Nov 23, 2018) — We were not only in Vegas to check out all the custom trucks and cool hot rods at SEMA 2018. We went to the SEMA Show to get a sneak peek at all the new outdoor automotive gear and and any cool products for RVers. And this one is the coolest…literally!

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10 ways to keep your RV clean and sanitized

(Nov. 23, 2018) — Camping, living and driving away in your RV can be one of the most rewarding and adventurous ways to live your life, even if you’re only using them for a vacation. However, as you’re probably aware, hygiene and cleanliness can be some of the biggest problems.

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RV Life: Go on longer, more exciting rides with an electric bike

(Nov. 22, 2018) — If you qualify for a senior meal at Denny’s (like me) you probably remember the sitcom Mork & Mindy that debuted in the late 70s. You may recall that Mork was an alien from the planet Ork. The unique thing about Orkans is they aged backward, they are born old and get physically younger with time.

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What to do when visiting the Mojave Desert

(Nov. 22, 2018) — The Mojave Desert is one of the deserts in California that is popular as tourist’s destination. Even though it is classified as the driest desert in North America, there are three famous places that you can visit in The Mojave Desert.

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Travel With Kevin and Ruth: Some things go fast, some slow

(Nov. 21, 2018) — The entire last three weeks could have easily taken us three months. There has been so much that is worth seeing and doing, and we’ve been skipping most of it. But we’re on a deadline, so we’re trying to see the highlights, and we’re doing the best we can under the circumstances. But there is so much more.

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Do It Yourself RV: 5 unique holiday gift ideas

(Nov. 21, 2018) — Some of these have been successfully funded during Indiegogo campaigns or are brand new items from favorite companies. While some are a definite splurge, a few can fit perfectly into a stocking or under the tree.

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Rolling in a RV: Zion National Park

(Nov. 21, 2018) — Our last visit to Zion, almost 5 years ago, was very short because we did not have campground reservations so we had to drive straight through. This time was different

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TX: Handling the cold while RVing

(Nov. 20, 2018) — One of the best parts of RVing is that you can follow the good weather. You can hide out in the south during the winter and cool off in the north in the summer. Plus, you can enjoy spring and fall for weeks as you move in between.

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Gypsy Journal RV: RVing is hard work

(Nov. 20, 2018) — The other day I received an email from somebody who was telling me that they were totally unprepared for how much work is involved in the RV lifestyle. They weren’t talking about workamping or making a living on the road.

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