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Russ on the Road: Is your RV warranty worthless?

I begin this article by asking the question if your RV warranty is really worth anything. I found out through experience mine didn’t seem to be worth as much as I thought. That has something to do with my particular circumstances and somebody else might find that the same warranty, from the same manufacturer, on the same model and year RV to be worth more. Maybe. Maybe not.

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Girl Camper: Analysis paralysis – choosing the right RV

Are you stuck in analysis paralysis? Have you seen so many RV’s that you can no longer remember which one had the Murphy bed and which was the bunkhouse? There comes a time when you have to take all the spreadsheets, pros and cons and checklists and just PICK ONE before you miss out on another season of camping!

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Gypsy Journal RV: RVs and pit toilets

If I had to tell you the one major benefit to RV travel, it is because you always have your bathroom with you. Roadside rest area bathrooms range from barely acceptable to pretty darn disgusting for the most part.

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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Crazy days in Tampa

Leaving Yankeetown we had no idea where we were going. This was a first for us. I mean who leaves a campground without knowing their next destination? We knew where wanted to be; Lithia Springs State Park but it is a first come first serve park and was full.

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Girl Camper: Keeping camping resolutions

On this weeks show we are talking about keeping those camping resolutions. I polled the Girl Campers on line to see if they had made any Camping Resolutions for the New Year. They sure did and here are the top six and a few tips for helping to keep them.

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RV BLogger: How much does RV insurance cost?

There are so many factors that come into play when you are trying to find recreational vehicle insurance. One of the things I learned on our journey toward becoming insured is that if you are buying a brand new RV it is essential to make sure that you are covered 100% in case anything ever happens.

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Live. Work. Dream.: Best boondocking spots

Sitting soft and stationary at FoY for nearly four months now, I’m starting to think about boondocking again. Loving the luxury of resort life, we tend to become complacent – allowing the water to run, leaving all the lights on, working late into the night.

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Small Trailer Enthusiast: Hymer closure ends the Touring GT

The Touring GT travel trailer had been in the works for a larger release for a few years now, but never made it. It appeared last year that it was “this” close to hitting the US markets, as they had a nice representation of their trailers at the Elkhart RV dealers open house last September.

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Gone Workamping: How to plan an Alaska trip and work

 If you were to ask any RVer in North America where their ultimate RV adventure would take them, Alaska would come up far more often than not. Alaska is the quintessential RV destination for many RVers not only because of its remote location, but because of its stunning landscape and sense of adventure.

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RV Lifestyle: Small towns enrich us all

The last generation highways and two-lane roads that wind through every state go right down the main street of every county seat, shipping terminal, and stringtown strip built since we began to travel on four wheels.

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RV Life: 5 things to never do a at a campground

Most of you that have followed my blog through the years know my favorite campsite is a free one in the boondocks. One of the many reasons my wife and I prefer the boondocks is that we aren’t annoyed by other camper’s lack of manners. These are the top five inconsiderate things you never should do while you’re at a campground.

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RV Lifestyle: Our most epic RV factory tour yet

We journeyed up to Winkler, Manitoba, Canada to get a Leisure Travel Vans tour from Dean Corrigal and ended up driving out of there in a brand new 2019 Wonder Rear Twin Bed Model, which we will test out for the next month or so.

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