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Girl Camper: Meet girl camper Leslie Aboott

Have you ever dreamed a really big dream? A dream that wouldn’t make sense to most people? Have you ever thought of just chucking it? Quitting your job, selling your house, retiring early and hitting the road for a year or two?

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Technomadia: Lake George to Sanford

We waited out some breezy wind overnight just north of Lake George – Florida’s second largest lake. The morning was all clear for calmer conditions, so we set off across the roughly 15 mile expanse.

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RV Lifestyle: Live from the beach

We had some 30 different RVers stop by for the afternoon. About half were residents of nearby communities, the rest visiting snowbirds escaping the cold of the north. One couple was from Anchorage, Alaska.

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Rollin’ with Russ and Lori: Keepin’ warm in the RV

Hello campers! Winter continues to bring us opportunities for extended ski resort fun, a promise of precious water feeding our lakes and streams, along with wildlife and wildflowers as happy as can be this spring. We would like to touch on a couple of concerns some folks have about RV’s, as well as some RV safety/equipment issues that may be of interest.

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Roaming Free: Moving from the Valley to Port A

Just a quick post to update everybody on our location. On the 15th of February, we said good-bye to the Rio Grande Valley and travelled about 175 miles north along the coast to Port Aransas, a barrier island of the coast of Corpus Christie.

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RV Lifestyle: Removing the Sprinter radio, repositioning the antenna

The Chevy was blessed with a fiberglass top, so you could just throw the antenna in the storage area over the front seats and get great reception. Sprinters have metal roofs so that’s not an option, and radio installers usually place the antenna under the top cover of the dash, as far forward as possible, and try to get a signal through the windshield.

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NE: Bald eagles are migrating through the Great Plains

If you enjoy watching birds, this is your time of year. Sandhill cranes will be returning soon to the Platte Valleys, snowy owls are heading back north, hundreds of species of non-game birds are wrapping up their winter travels to southern climates, ducks and snow geese are moving into the region and bald eagles are following the waterfowl.

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Forest River recalls 5 RVs for inoperative clearance lights

Forest River is recalling certain 2019 Forest River Salem and Wildwood recreational trailers. The clearance lights on these vehicles may not work due to being incorrectly wired. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 108, ?Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment.”

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CA: Council considers new RV, camping laws

The topic returned from the Feb. 4 meeting where City Attorney Martha Rice said codes will need to be amended to prohibit certain camping, while meeting the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruling not to criminalize those sleeping on public property.

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RV Tips launches discount club to help members

The RV Tips Discount Club will offer savings on campgrounds, repair shops, hairdressers, travel agents, restaurants, landscaping, mattress companies and any other business that is willing to offer a discount to members, said Debi Hurlburt, founder of RV Tips.

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The best spring break destinations in the U.S.

Whether it’s a “break” from work or school, time away from the daily grind is always a good idea. Spring break is not only an opportunity for a getaway, it’s a reminder that we’ve made it through the dreary post-holiday winter months.

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Live. Work. Dream.: Be afraid to live

To live life to the fullest, we must be afraid. It’s in our genes. Rene touched on something in her recent post about Fearvana that got me thinking about exactly that. That being fear, and how we need to embrace it, that is.

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