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Renovated Airstream is ‘tiny shiny home’ for family of six

(Dec. 10, 2018) — The Longneckers are now living and travelling out of a beautifully renovated 1970s Airstream. Documenting their wanderings on their blog, Tiny Shiny Home, Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker sold their home back in 2015, moving first into a conventional RV, then finally into a revamped, 31-foot-long 1972 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht.

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Do It Yourself RV: Step into Canadian Wilderness

(Dec. 7, 2018) — Traveling to BC in an RV has to include a visit to one of the best examples of Canada’s wilderness there is—Wells Gray Provincial Park. The magnificence of this scenic, unspoiled wilderness reserve is outstanding.

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Live. Work. Dream.: Free Lake Mead boondocking

(Dec. 7, 2018) — Before the madness of SEMA 2018 and another freakish Fremont Street Halloween, we spent a couple weeks at one of our favorite boondocking spots on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Henderson, actually, but close enough and yet just far enough away to escape the big city.

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Gypsy Journal RV: George W. Bush childhood home

(Dec. 7, 2018) — The funeral services for our 41st President reminded me of our visit to the childhood home of his son, George W. Bush in Midland, Texas, where we learned about the early life of a boy who would become the son of a President of the United States, and then follow his father’s footsteps into the same high office.

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Love Your RV: Fall getaway to Yosemite National Park

(Dec. 7, 2018) — The 2018/19 snowbird trip videos continue with a look at a recent 2-day getaway Anne, and I enjoyed in Yosemite National Park. Due to weather concerns, we actually left the RV behind and stayed at the Yosemite Valley Lodge. And, sometimes you need a little vacation away from the RV.

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Roadtreking: New Orleans gathering

(Dec. 6, 2018) — New Orleans was built on traditions. Join us for a Roadtrek gathering March 21-25 where we will discover some of New Orleans oldest and newest traditions – and make some of our own!

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The Fit RV: A new vent cover

(Dec. 6, 2018) — The powered vents that most of us have in our RVs are wonderful things. They create a breeze to keep us cool. They exhaust humidity and cooking odors.

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Rolling in a RV: Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

(Dec. 5, 2018) — Years of overgrazing, logging, river diversion, and invasive non-native plants had destroyed the wetlands and flood plain of the Rio Grande in central New Mexico when President Roosevelt gave the young men of the Civilian Conservation Corp the task of restoring the area.

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Roadtreking: 5 essential RV kitchen tips from Chef MJ

(Dec. 5, 2018) — This week we hear from a favorite, Chef MJ… Mary Jane Curry, who has been writing up RV Recipes for our RV Lifestyle Blog for several years now and has just published a delightful cookbook aimed squarely at RVers called “Small Kitchen Big Flavors.”

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