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RV Life: Why you should try a food tour

(Dec. 12, 2018) — One of the benefits of RV living is being able to travel to different areas and explore what is offered there, whether it is the vistas, the climate, the lifestyle, the adventure, or the food.

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Roadtreking: No more ugly overnight camping spots

(Dec. 12, 2018) — There is no excuse anymore to overnight in your RV in crowded, brightly lit, noisy parking lots. This week, we bring back the CEO of Harvest Hosts who will tell us in the interview of the week about a huge expansion in the number of farms, wineries, fruit orchards, attractions, and now golf courses across North America.

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Hectic Short Trip RVing: RVers stocking stuffer ideas

(Dec. 12, 2018) — I am sure most of us have gotten the big RVer Christmas Gift for this year and just need a few odds and ends to fill in. If that is the case and you need some small RVer gift ideas here are a few that have been suggested by people on Facebook.

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Box Canyon Blog: Friendly skies

(Dec. 12, 2018) — Son, Caleb, and Dotter-in-law, Kelli, are back in Lovely Ouray for a few (actually, Quite a few) weeks. So we are having some outdoor fun with them as they try to re-aclimate from sea level to 8 to 13 thousand feet.

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RV problems you will eventually have to deal with

(Dec. 11, 2018) — There can be many differences between RVs when looking at weight, size, amenities, overall durability and build materials but owners do need to deal with similar problems from time to time. Use and time will affect resilience and functionality.

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Gypsy Journal RV: It’s not camping

(Dec. 11, 2018) — I get a lot of email from RVers as well as from campers. And I get a lot of emails from people who believe they are one and the same. They’re not. At least not by my definition, for what that’s worth.

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RV Life: 30 winter RV shows coming up soon in 2019

(Dec. 11, 2018) — With the New Year comes new RVs and accessories. Winter is the prime time to visit a local RV show and see the latest RV models and aftermarket products. You can get a look inside the RVs and trailers on display, talk to industry experts, and watch live product demonstrations and seminars.

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Roadtreking: Electric gloves vs hand warmers

(Dec. 11, 2018) — Jennifer has a circulation condition called Raynaud’s disease, which causes her fingers and toes to feel numb and cold in response to cold temperatures or stress. When her extremities are exposed to cold, the smaller arteries that supply blood to her skin narrow, limiting blood circulation.

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Girl Camper: Holiday gift guide

(Dec. 11, 2018) — The Molly Jogger Ice Box has been a favorite I’ve been using this new “old” Ice Box on my bar now for two years. It is where I store the ice I am going to use in a drink.

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Watsons Wander: A quick stop in Bishop

(Dec. 10, 2018) — Our early departure from Lake Tahoe meant a new plan was in order. The snow, ice & rain expected to blanket the area extended far into Nevada, effectively putting the brakes on our idea to travel south through the state.

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Live Laugh RV: 10 tips for finding inspiration

(Dec. 10, 2018) — What do you do when the creative well seems to be empty? When you don’t know what to blog about or what to photograph? When the creative juices just aren’t flowing? Inspiration disappears for all of us from time to time, and it’s something I personally have struggled with for months.

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How to decorate your RV for the holidays

(Dec. 10, 2018) — Everyone is familiar with the standard holiday home decorations, from twinkling lights to menorahs and Christmas trees. But what if you’re living on the road, either in a van, an Airstream, or any other type of RV?

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Renovated Airstream is ‘tiny shiny home’ for family of six

(Dec. 10, 2018) — The Longneckers are now living and travelling out of a beautifully renovated 1970s Airstream. Documenting their wanderings on their blog, Tiny Shiny Home, Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker sold their home back in 2015, moving first into a conventional RV, then finally into a revamped, 31-foot-long 1972 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht.

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