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The Gadget Guru: Luxury motorcoach resorts – what to know

At the recent Prevost Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida, more than 50 preowned Prevost motorhomes were on display with the exhibits staffed by the various vendors, converters and Prevost factory personnel. Tucked between the massive displays were booths that featured a variety of motorhome related products and services.

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RV Lifestyle: What we like, don’t like about the Ford Transit

For the past three weeks, we’ve been testing out the new Leisure Travel Vans Wonder RTB on the Ford Transit chassis. All of our previous RV experience has been in a Sprinter based Class B van. We wanted to know what it was like driving a slightly wider B plus van, and we wanted to see just how the Ford Transit feels and drives out in the road.

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Try these tips to make your RV more eco-friendly

What can we do to ensure our RVs meet our environmental obligations and help keep our earth healthy? This guide will give a few handy hints on how to improve your RV’s green credentials and have a great camping trip without harming the environment.

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RV Blogger: RV propane not flowing? Here’s how to troubleshoot

So, you’re all set up at your campsite with gorgeous views and the smell of fresh air and pine trees. And then – it happens. First, the stove won’t light. Then the water heater won’t fire up. And then you realize your fridge is running on electricity rather than propane! What’s going on!

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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Observations from the road

Next week marks the beginning of our 6th year on the road! Five years ago we had no idea what to expect as we left Spring Valley Wisconsin on our great adventure. Over the years we have been from Alaska to Mexico and California to Florida, discovering and exploring along the way.

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How to geocache while RVing

As you travel the country, you can find these treasures in state parks, rest areas, towns, country roads, or really anywhere. There are classes teaching geocaching at many state parks but below are the basic steps with some hints.

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Live. Work. Dream.: The easiest RV repair

There are likely certain RVers out there who may be intimidated by attempting to do their own RV plumbing repairs. That is understandable, however, considering the urgency of fixing any water leak in your RV – and the going shop rate at most service centers – if that describes you, you’ll be happy to read this.

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5 tips on how to prepare for a camping trip

Summer’s coming and you know what that means! It’s time to start having fun and plan your next camping trips. For the first-timers, I’m sure it’s all so exciting, but also at the same time, daunting! After all, where do you start and how you plan that successful camping trip?

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RV Life: Three’s company when full-time RVing with relatives

The nomad life felt like a natural fit for Maya and Ryan. Back when they started, full-time RVing with relatives just wasn’t on their radar. With a few years of travel under their wheels, things were rolling right along in a small Class C RV as they explored the U.S. and discovered ways to support their lifestyle.

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Rolling in a RV: Mittry Lake

A four mile dirt road provides access to dispersed camping sites along the eastern edge of Mittry Lake. The clearings along the shoreline are the most popular – very scenic but prone to becoming mudholes when it rains and and close enough to get dust from road traffic.

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