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RV Blogger: Can I legally ride in a travel travel?

We all know that there is extra seating space in a travel trailer, as well as a cozy bed. Wouldn’t it be great if your entire family could ride in the back of a travel trailer and not all be crammed in the vehicle that is towing it? Many passengers would love to be able to use all of the amenities in their travel trailer while cruising down the road.

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Rolling in a RV: Imperial Valley Desert Museum

Excellent exhibits covering human and natural history of the Imperial Valley are the focus of this small museum. An interactive display depicts how sediment from the Colorado River delta created the Imperial Valley and ancient Lake Cahuilla.

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The Fit RV: Our first Canadian RV show – Interesting differences

Over the years we’ve been to lots of RV shows in the US, so we’ve got a good handle on how those are run and what you’re likely to find there. But we just recently returned from our first Canadian RV show, the Earlybird RV Show in British Columbia, and couldn’t help but notice a few key differences between that show and our usual US fare.

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Live. Laugh. RV.: Phoenix tour guide

I was grateful that the Phoenix, Ariz., weather finally returned to temperatures we love and expect in the desert southwest during this time of year. With clear skies once again upon us, I didn’t waste any time getting out with the camera and exploring.

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Airstream recalls 189 RVs for incorrect tire info

Airstream, Inc. is recalling certain 2019 Airstream Basecamp X recreational vehicles. The Federal Certification Label and Tire Placard may have incorrect information stating that the vehicle is equipped with 235/55R18 Load Range D tires needing 80 psi, when the vehicles are actually equipped with 235/75R15 Load Range D tires needing 51 psi.

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Wheeling It: Coming out of hibernation (and on the road again)

While we were traveling around the USA we were 100% nomadic and interacted constantly through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the blog. It allowed us to create a community while we moved, keeping in touch with the world seamlessly, and reaching an audience I could never otherwise have connected with. I am SO thankful for that time.

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Henley’s Happy Trails: Camping and travel tips, episode 8

In Episode 8, Levi gets down and dirty with dump stations. There will come a point, or many points, in your travels when dumping the contents of your grey and/or black tank is necessary. There are three main places RVers can do this business: RV parks, truck stops, and rest stops.

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RV Lifestyle: Mouse proof your RV

Many RVers are getting their RVs out of storage for the winter only to discover that while it’s been sitting there unused for the past couple of months, the RV has had visitors – mice!!

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