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The Fit RV: Detailed review of Coachmen Galleria 24A

When we visited Coachmen at their Middlebury, Ind., facility earlier this year, they put us up not in a hotel, but in one of their fully decked-out Galleria Class B motorhomes. Being vanlifers ourselves, this was completely OK with us. It gave us a chance to actually use the Galleria.

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RV Rental Connection: 7 maginificent castles to visit in the U.S.

Does the word “castle” conjure up images of European country-sides or Fairytale characters like Rapunzel? Then come along and enter a fairytale world of American castles, all designed and built by the men and women of the Gilded Era in US history. Check out this handful of the best castles in the United States to visit on your next vacation.

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We’re The Russos: Glamping around Maui in a rental camper van

Aloha! Are you ready to experience a different kind of Maui vacation? With so much to do and see on Maui, renting a camper van is one of the best ways to explore the island. The team at Campervan Hawaii has a fleet of rental RVs on Maui from luxury Class B camper vans to VW Westfalia campers with the pop-top.

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Do It Yourself RV: What does the RV lifestyle mean to you?

To me, the RV lifestyle means living in an RV and traveling with the RV fairly often, probably going south for the winter and north for the summer. It means that I will live in the RV full-time and can move around when I choose and my home goes with me. I probably wouldn’t have another home such as a house or an apartment that I would return to in-between my travels.

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On the Road of Retirement: Little Manatee River State Park

We left Imperial Bonita Estates in Bonita Springs Florida after preparation for departure. Our next stop is about 130 miles north where we will spend several nights at Little Manatee River State Park. The drive over was pretty congested as there were many fender benders along the way. One thing I won’t miss about Florida is all the nasty traffic congestion.

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Aluminarium: Excapers annual bash

Almost half of the fees we’ve paid for camping this year were on the Xscapers Annual Bash ($110). We had never been to an Xscapers event before, and when our dear friend Marshall insisted we go, we couldn’t resist a week of goofing around with him.

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Does running an RV generator impact fuel efficiency?

Running your RV generator while driving is perfectly safe.However, another aspect of this question is understanding how it will affect your fuel mileage. Before we answer this question, let us first take a look at the reasons why you will need to run your RV generator while driving in the first place.

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Do It Yourself RV: 4 things every RVer needs for mud season

Mud season happens around late winter and early spring when the snow begins to melt and rain is pouring on dirt roads, trails, and campsites. The slick mud can not only dirty your rig and shoes, but it can even cause your RV to get stuck. Make sure you have these products on hand while you’re on the road this season to keep your RV safe and clean.

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RV Lifestyle: Is this the fix for the RV repair problem?

Across the country, there’s a growing movement for something known as R2R, or Right to Repair. It’s being fought by the RV industry, which often limits just who can repair their products, usually through a tightly controlled dealership network. For RV owners, this often means that necessary repairs can take days, even weeks because many of those dealership service shops are booked solid.

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Aluminarium: Free camping south of Vegas

We needed a spot to camp during the government shut down and figured that our usual spot at Lake Mead would either be closed or over-run with garbage, so we checked out Jean Roach Dry Lake Bed off of Las Vegas Boulevard.

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Love Your RV: Checking out Cave Creek Canyon in Southeastern Ariz.

One called Sunny Flats is available to RVs but has a 28-foot limit. Our Cougar fifth wheel is right around that but thought it prudent to drive the truck in first for a look see. Glad I did, because even though we may fit length-wise, I would not want to chance it height-wise. The road in is littered with low hanging branches and large tree trunks jutting into the narrow roads.

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Motor Coach Industries recalls 2,089 RVs for loss of steering control

Motor Coach Industries is recalling certain 2001-2015 J4500 and 1997-2013 102EL3/E4500 coaches equipped with a hydraulic rear axle (tag axle) steering system. The axle’s alignment and low hydraulic pressure in the steering system may cause the steering system to lock, causing a loss of steering control at highway speeds.

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Good Sam discontinues its online trip planner

Effective April 10, Good Sam’s current trip planning tool will no longer be available. An interim tool to assist with upcoming travels will be available while a new trip planner is being designed, the company reported to members yesterday.

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