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How to do winter glamping right in Arizona

Glamping (glamorous camping) isn’t anything new—years ago, the Internet caught on to a whole other breed of nature lover, one that enjoyed hiking, rafting, and riding horses, but preferred to tuck into a king-sized bed rather than a sleeping bag.

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Leisure Travel Vans: Utah’s Shafer Trail

This adventure started exactly one year earlier while seated with our feet dangling over a cliff at Dead Horse Point State Park. We were mesmerized by the tiny 4×4 vehicles meandering on the trail way below our feet.

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Colorado Springs tables RV parking ordinance

By a 5-4 vote Tuesday, the Colorado Springs City Council approved a motion to postpone a final vote on the amended ordinance to its March 26 meeting, citing the need to find a solution on how to help people find somewhere to go.

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Motor 1: Review of Toyota Tacoma Custom Camper

We like the cool factor from this custom Toyota Tacoma, which looks plenty capable of conquering some sketchy roads in some measure of comfort without being the size of an actual house. And we think something like this could cost under $100,000.

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Escapees set to greet adventurers in Tucson

The 59th Escapade promises to be an exciting event, Carr explained, noting the variety of scheduled educational and lifestyle seminars as well as shopping at the Escapade marketplace, line dancing and Zumba sessions, craft classes, talent show, chili cook-off, and an outdoor fiesta.

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North Carolina RV dealers host show this weekend

“We are more than excited to start off the 2019 RV show season here in Greensboro, where the show was born, and holding the first show of the year in the country. It truly is the best time to shop for RVs and RV-related products in North Carolina,” said Haughton.

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The Fit RV: Making resolutions that work

I want to introduce you to the Wellness Triangle; it’s a teaching tool I used back when I was teaching public school health classes. I actually based my entire year’s curriculum around it, so you’re about to get the nutshell version.

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RV Nomads raise $10,000 to help fire victim

“We knew they were lost with no direction to point in and we firmly believed the RV community would step up to help them out. Not only did that happen, it happened so quickly we had a difficult time keeping up with it,” said Odom.

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British mom celebrates business started in an RV

(Dec. 21, 2018) — Middleton’s best-selling products include a dual weekly schedule for planning work and home alongside each other and calendars which feature a pocket every month, so it’s easy to find bills, invites and timetables all in one place.

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Motor1: The most magnificent Mauck custom RV

(Dec. 21, 2018) — If you don’t know about this spacey-looking motorhome, it was built back in the 1990s by an Ohio-based company called Mauck Special Vehicles. They were terrifically expensive when new, but this one underwent a restoration in 2007 that cost – wait for it – $815,000.

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