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Love Your RV: RV antenna maintenance

(Jan. 15, 2019) — Our rig has the standard Winegard bat-wing style, hand crank TV antenna. The manual states to lubricate it twice a year with silicone spray. It is important to use silicone lubricant because the crankshaft has a rubber O-ring seal in it.

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RV season kicks off this weekend in New England

“We provide a full seminar schedule everyday of the show to make sure RV enthusiasts enjoy their RVs while camping or touring the country,” said Weston. Dealers will have more than 200 RVs on display in an area in an area that would cover three football fields.

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Camp Smartly: Tips for building a perfect campfire

One night, I decided it would be a good idea to try building a campfire like I saw in the movies. I gathered up a small pile of sticks and lit a match. When I dropped the tiny flame on the stack of twigs, not much happened. The match quickly burned out.

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Nine acres of RVs on display at Pittsburgh RV Show

“Those coming to buy, and those just coming to browse, will have an opportunity to talk with 14 RV dealers, campgrounds and more than 100 exhibitors,” said Young. “The Pittsburgh RV show will feature everything from $5,000 folding camping trailers to $200,000 higher-end motorhomes.”

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The Fit RV: We’ll be at the Tampa RV Show

(Jan. 14, 2018) — Now! We’re packing up yet again for our annual trek to the Florida RV Supershow. We’ll be at the show all day on Friday and Saturday (Jan 18th and 19th), so if you’re there don’t be surprised if you trip over James.

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Live. Work. Dream.: Running towards the fearless fifty

(Jan. 14, 2018) — Yeah, that’s a significant number for me this year, and you can probably guess why (I was born in The Summer of Love). But instead of having the age fifty freak-out Jim predicted long ago, I’m going to prove him wrong. I’m going to embrace it, darnit.

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Jim and Barb’s RV Adventure: Kayaking around the Manatees

(Jan. 14, 2019) — Our first stop in Florida was at Santos Trailhead State Park outside of Ocala. The Jordan’s turned us onto this spot while they were researching places to stay and this was one of few areas that had a site with multiple days together so we took advantage of it!

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Michigan family first to visit all 418 national parks

The Maitland family is the first family to visit all 418 U.S. National Parks. It took them eight years to check everything off the list. That includes the 59 areas formally known as national parks – plus every other unit that falls into categories like national battlefield sites, national lakeshores, national memorials, etc.

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