OPINION: Overweight RVs are an industry issue

(March 25, 2016) — Kimberly’s fifth wheel is officially rated to hold 18,000 pounds, according to the labels affixed to her RV. However, she has since discovered each of her three axles are rated for just 5,200 pounds — for a total weight carrying capacity of 15,600 pounds — and the leaf springs on her toy hauler are rated to carry just 12,000 pounds.

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OPINION: Why the aversion to free publicity?

(March 17, 2016) — Remember the good old days when businesses sought out any type of free publicity that would shine a positive light on their companies? It was thought that someone might read a story and share it with others in hopes that the company might earn a sale or two in response. My how times have changed!

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OPINION: Campgrounds are being impacted by ADA lawsuits

(March 11, 2016) — A single plaintiff has filed suit against a number of Arizona RV parks in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona and has chosen an attorney whose sole line of litigation is the Americans with Disabilities Act. This plaintiff has apparently filed similar lawsuits against 44 other establishments. Is your campground next?

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OPINION: Whose customer is it anyway?

(March 1, 2016) — In recent years, a disturbing trend has emerged where your business partners have started soliciting your customers for other products or sold mailing lists of your customers in the open market. So, what can you do?

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OPINION: Make employee development a priority

(Feb. 23, 2016) — I think we can all agree that a more experienced staff increases customer CSI, company sales and, ultimately, company profits. But we’ll never develop that experienced staff if we don’t invest in their development.

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OPINION: RV voting rights is a Pandora’s box

(Feb. 18, 2016) — Until people actually live in a community to experience how a bunch of part-time, non-permanent “residents” can influence the outcome of local affairs for a very long time, they’ll never truly understand the impact these large voting blocks can have.

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RV Daily Report changes press release publishing policy

(Feb. 15, 2016) — In 2016, when information travels at the speed of light, companies better be darned well certain the story they submit to the press is the one they want to tell. Once a press release is published in our newsletter, it will remain published. Period.

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OPINION: HUD action could eliminate full-time RVing

(Feb. 9, 2016) — Can we get the RV Industry Association and the federal government to agree on a definition of “primary residence?” Because, without it, the RV industry has just inadvertently thrust a knife into the heart of the RV dream.

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OPINION: Lemonis can’t serve two masters

(Feb. 2, 2016) — With all Lemonis’ attention focused on building his Hollywood career, is it any surprise that the company for which he is paid to serve as chief executive officer — Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises — confirmed Saturday that the firm would not conduct a rally this year?

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OPINION: Camping World to become a distributor?

(Jan. 19, 2016) — The biggest question is, what dealers in their right mind would order wholesale supplies from a competitor who can sell the same products online on one of a dozen websites it owns for the same price it charges RV dealers at wholesale?

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OPINION: Vacation industry facing a crisis

(Jan. 19, 2018) — Among the findings of their 2013 study, Americans took an average of 16 days of vacation compared with 20.3 days in 2000 — a 20 percent decline. Use of vacation days are at the lowest point in four decades.

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OPINION: It’s time to combine shows

(Dec. 8, 2015) — Combining shows by offering a full range of dealer training, plus networking opportunities to meet with suppliers, meetings with manufacturers and the ability to look at acres of new products would be a HUGE plus for the RV industry. It’s the only way to ensure the viability of a giant all-industry show.

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