Opinion: I’m a poor influencer

(Dec. 5, 2016) — The message, from the RV Industry Association, enticed me to find out how I did at the show. My goodness, I thought, I didn’t even know they were watching! Speaking of changing minds, did anyone catch the announcement made last Wednesday in the middle of the National RV Trade Show. According to the headline, industry leaders promise to improve the RV experience.

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Opinion: ‘Selective disclosure’ game must end

(Nov. 21, 2016) — The days of the “Good ‘Ol Boys Club,” where publicly-traded — or controlled — RV companies maintain high school-like cliques of their favorite media pals needs to end before the Securities and Exchange Commission forces a change.

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Opinion: In praise of CONY

(Oct. 26, 2016) — But, if the purpose of these conferences is education and conducting business, then CONY scores the highest for our company.

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Opinion: Consolidation of the RV industry continues

(Oct. 3, 2016) — If the RV Industry Association really wants to boost attendance at this year’s National RV Trade Show in Louisville, they should just cut to the quick and set up an NFL-style draft where every remaining independent RV dealership, supplier and manufacturer is put up for bid.

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Opinion: That’s just what happens with an RV

(Sept. 22, 2016) –I heard no difference from the owner of a Phaeton motorcoach to us with our “starter” rig or to a neighbor with a Casita. I find it amazing. All the shoulder shrugging, all the half smiles, and all the nods of understanding — but no anger, no outrage.

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Opinion: Why is Facebook worth so much?

(Aug. 24, 2016) — Not content with making $500 million a year to provide a fun, enjoyable online networking experience, Facebook seeks to make $500 billion a year, or more, by throwing its users under the bus and selling everything it knows about them to advertising agencies and businesses.

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Opinion: Thanks EPA and NHTSA! I can breathe easier now!

(Aug. 18, 2016) — Washington is at it again. The dope smokers who run government — no, not Congress or any elected officials, but the unelected bureaucrats — have dreamed up a new rule that will reduce “greenhouse gases” by dictating that motorhomes must abide by new stringent rules concerning emissions and fuel economy.

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Opinion: A vendor summit, what a novel idea!

What a novel idea. Only someone with the wisdom, testosterone and chutzpah of The Profit could come up with something so extraordinarily innovative as to create a efficient environment for vendors and suppliers to meet with the buyers of a wholesale distribution company.

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RV Industry Death Spiral – Part 7: RV owners share the blame

(July 20, 2016) — RV owners are a fun-loving bunch of people who are “living the dream” of travel and adventure they have seen advertised all over the internet, television and print publications. They have a lot of untapped power. But, they too, are contributing to the demise of the RV industry. How can that be? How can they be the foundation of the industry and be weakening it at the same time?

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RV Industry Death Spiral – Part 6: Associations can influence change

The problem is that the associations are deeply siloed around their own special interests. Worse, the voices within the groups are being silenced as big players buy up smaller players and remove their seats from the table. There is a lot of talk at industry meetings, but can anyone point to concrete resolutions that have been implemented to improve the RV industry as a result?

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RV Industry Death Spiral – Part 5: Campgrounds losing capacity

(July 15, 2016) — Campgrounds are the most essential part of the RV industry, yet the most overlooked. Without a place to use an RV, there is no sense to buying one. However, campgrounds are contributing to the demise of the RV industry in a powerful way and, some could say, at a pace faster than the others.

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