Michigan seeks campground hosts

(Dec. 27, 2010) — Michigan invites you to participate in its Volunteer Campground Host Program. Campground host opportunities are available at state parks and at state forest campgrounds that offer family and group camping facilities.


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Texas: Holiday World of Houston seeks sales manager

(Jan. 31, 2011) — Holiday World of Houston is seeking an experienced and highly skilled sales manager who desires long term career with a financially solid growing company. Candidate must have a strong motorhome background and a proven track record of leading, motivating, and coaching their team to maximize sales without sacrificing margin.

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New Hampshire: Campers Inn seeks sales professionals

(Dec. 15, 2010) — Join the growing team of sales professionals at Campers Inn of Merrimack. You must be competitive, have great integrity, awesome people skills and the ability to network and have a strong desire to make a lot of money. Must be computer literate and willing to invest the time to serve our customers.

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Wisconsin: Dealership seeks RV technicians, service manager

(Dec. 14, 2010) — Coulee Region RV Center, Inc., a dealership for over 20 years located in West Salem, Wisc., is seeking an experienced service manager to run and operate their service department. Existing service manager is retiring. The dealership is also looking for experienced RV techs.

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Houston: RV dealer seeks service manager

(Dec. 14, 2010) — Houston area RV dealership looking for a hands on service manager to help increase profits in service and parts. Must have 5 years minimum experience in RVs and be able to write an insurance estimate.

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They’re called “workampers,” not “economic refugees”

The agony. The embarrassment. The shame of it all.

That’s the tone of a story about temporary workers at Amazon.com written by Jere Downs in the Louisville Courier-Journal the week before the National RV Trade Show took place in her very own community. You can read the full story by clicking here.

Downs was referring to the “economic refugees,” the “hard up retirees,” the “American gypsies,” the “migrant workers,” and the “unemployed with children” who shamefully and apparently have no other options in life but to live in an RV and move from community to community in search of “scarce job opportunities.” By God, they can’t even afford a decent place to live, these unfortunate souls who have lost their homes and are forced to live on the road “supplementing their depleted investments.”

What a crock of crap.

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Louisville Show Attendance by Group

The show’s over

Some people say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

The consensus at this year’s National RV Trade Show among exhibitors I talked to – suppliers and manufacturers alike — is that current RV industry trade shows are approaching a level of insanity. They are insanely expensive, insanely time-consuming, and hardly worth the time, effort and money it takes to participate.

The top chart shows all of the various constituencies that registered for this year’s National RV Trade Show. The bottom chart clearly shows the problem with the show – the elephant in the room, if you will. Only four out of every 10 people at the show were the people exhibitors were really trying to reach. It should be seven out of 10.

There is no question that the trade show model is broken, probably beyond repair, but nobody has yet proposed a viable solution. What is urgently needed is a summit among officials of RVIA and RVDA, as well as a good sampling of supplier and manufacturers and, most importantly, RV dealers and other buyers whom everyone hopes will attend these shows.

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Dicor's dancing table

Louisville features innovation on display

The National RV Trade Show is often a very busy show featuring thousands of new products introduced by hundreds of RV manufacturers and suppliers. The show is always a great stage upon which the RV industry showcases its latest innovations.
This year, especially, it was obvious manufacturers and suppliers put their research and development divisions to the test – and they came through with flying colors.

I’ll admit right now that I didn’t see everything, but here are 12 items I did see that are excellent examples of the RV industry’s ingenuity and innovation.

If I left something out, feel free to submit your favorite example of innovation on display at this year’s National RV Trade Show.

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Is anybody home at ARVC?


Is it my imagination or has ARVC scheduled their annual InSites Convention to conflict with the RVIA Louisville show in 2011? I just received the press release from ARVC noting the convention will be held November 30th to December 3rd in Savannah, GA. What part of Louisville does this association not understand? There are 52 weeks in the year and RVIA has had this particular week reserved for so many years I can’t count that high. Does ARVC not consider themselves part of the RV industry anymore?
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Florida: Giant RV Center seeks service technicians

(Dec. 6, 2010) — Giant Recreation World is looking for an experienced flat rate RV technician to join its award winning service department. If you want to work in a happy sometimes hectic working environment, we would like to talk to you.

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