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Australia, Europe, China . . . . pick two!

During the past week I have had wonderful conversations with Jim Ashurst, Craig Kirby and Wilbur Botranger on the recent RVIA decision to open an office in China.  Through the years we have been, and continue to be, very vocal against any engagement with a company that does not respect America, does not respect its people, and plays by a different set of rules than most civilized nations.

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The Chinese even knock off websites

(March 22, 2012) — This morning, I received an e-mail from a company in Anhui, China. They claimed to be a network service company representing another company called TianHua Company. TianHua was planning to register a domain I once owned, but with the .cn extension. They were staking claim to www.americasrvmall.com.cn.

Although I no longer own the domain www.americasrvmall.com, the fact that the Chinese are seeking to register similar names with a .cn extension leads me to believe they are going to start holding American companies hostage in cyberspace. Imagine the chaos that would be created if a Chinese company registered www.blueox.cn or www.fantasticvent.com.cn.

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La Mesa RV in Florida, hosting job fair

(March 21, 2012) — In preparation of opening a new facility in West Palm Beach, applications are now being accepted for all positions including general sales management, RV sales and finance, service, parts and support functions.  Hiring personnel will be in West Palm Beach on March 28 and 29 to conduct local interviews for these positions.

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Atwood Mobile seeks outside sales rep

(March 20, 2012) —  The position requires an associates degree and at least 3 to 6 years experience in RV industry. Preference is given to people who have working experience with RV dealerships and/or distributors. Strong written and verbal communication skills are required, and the candidate must be organized, responsible and goal oriented.

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Should the RV industry embrace China?

A few weeks ago, the RV Industry Association announced it was opening an office in China.

According to an official press release submitted by RVIA March 6, “The office will coordinate the association’s efforts to work with Chinese governmental agencies and the country’s developing RV and campground industries to remove regulatory barriers impeding the United States RV industry’s growth in China.”

Impeding the RV industry’s growth in China? For some reason, I think it will work the other way around. The office will be a communications portal to ensuring that Chinese goods and services find their way into American RV dealerships.

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Feds seek jail for 65-year-old polluter

(March 16, 2012) — Today, the Environmental Protection Agency is seeking to sentence a 65-year-old Iowa campground owner to up to 14 months in jail. Her felony? She disturbed a protected “wetland” by discharging harmful pollutants. This story just reeks of government abuse and regulatory overreach.

What pollutants would demand more than a year in jail? In this case, dirt and rocks.  Excuse me, but aren’t creek beds made of dirt and rock?  If so, how in God’s name could they ever be considered a pollutant, let alone a pollutant worthy of a felony conviction and more than a year in jail?

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Should RV manufacturers mark up RVIA seals?

(March 15, 2012) — News last week that the RV Industry Association would lower the price for its inspection seals prompted one RV dealer to compare the stated prices to his actual invoices. He discovered that several RV manufacturers mark up the cost of the seals and pass that cost on to RV dealers — something he doesn’t think is right.

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Arizona RV dealer seeks technician

(March 14, 2012) — The technician will perform service and repairs outside and inside these homes on wheels. You will be expected to perform pre-delivery inspections, diagnose and repair chassis components, coach equipment and electrical systems. The ideal person will be someone with advanced diagnostic and repair skills for RV coach systems, generators and air conditioning, as well as RV appliances such as stoves and furnaces. 

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Alabama dealership seeks technician

(March 9, 2012) — Camping World in Robertsdale, Ala., is looking for an RV service technician who can execute work orders while diagnosing and repairing recreational vehicle equipment and structures while determining best product for repair.

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David Gorin, president of David Gorin & Associates

Gorin supports ADA requirements

(March 7, 2012) — I don’t know the numbers, but there are lots of Americans with disabilities of all kinds who deserve to have the same opportunities as we all enjoy.  Yes, I absolutely agree with ARVC’s efforts to secure a change in the Department of Justices’ ruling that portable lifts are not acceptable and that the deadline for compliance needs to be extended for a reasonable period of time.  But eventually, wherever feasible public accommodations should be able to serve the entire public, not just able bodied individuals.

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RVIA, RPTIA merger good for the RV industry

(March 7, 2012) — I’m glad to see the RV Industry Association and the Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association were able to end the bitter acrimony that has separated the two organizations for many years.  Working together will allow RVIA and park model manufacturers to advance an essential component of the RV industry during a time when campgrounds are embracing park models and cabins in droves. Could it be that we will soon see park models exhibited in Go RVing ads?

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The high cost of early compliance

(March 6, 2012) — In the days and weeks either preceeding or following the planned enforcement date of any federal rule, you can count on a single federal attorney — or judge — to issue his interpretation of what Congress AND the regulatory agencies really meant when they passed the laws, rules and regulations. As a result, that single person’s decision becomes the new “law of the land” until it is overturned by a higher court or someone with greater authority.

This is the case with campground owners today. They have been told they must make their pools ADA compliant by installing permanent, fixed lift systems to assist handicapped people into and out of pools.

I wonder which campground will become the sacrificial lamb for the entire recreation industry — the one business severely fined to set an example to all the other campgrounds and RV parks?

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Majors RV seeks self-motivated technicians

(March 5, 2012) — Major’s RV is looking for self motivated RV technicians with working knowledge of RVs, trailers and motorhomes. Full time year round position. Willing to train the right candidate that has basic skill set.

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What is Brand USA thinking?

(March 5, 2012) — When Congress gets involved in branding our own country, you just know instinctively that it’s going to get screwed up. Last year, the illustrious body formed a new congressionally authorized corporation they called Brand USA and charged it with promoting American tourism to people living oversees? It won’t take long for even an unsophisticated person to realize that Brand USA’s logo is a stupid, idiotic and dumbfounding way to promote America to the world.  Since when did America’s colors change to purple?

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Tour America RV seeks F&I manager

(March 2, 2012) — The ideal candidate would have experience selling extended service agreements, and other finance products.  Candidate must possess a high moral character , have excellent paperwork, have the ability to understand personal financial statements and have a strong relationship with bank lenders. 

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Dixie RV seeks warranty clerks

(March 1, 2012) — Dixie RV SuperStores in Hammond, La., and Defuniak Springs, Fla., has positions available for warranty clerks. Our business is booming and coming into season. Accounting background a plus.

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At Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC), we’ve known for a long time that our customers represent one of our most valuable resources. And over and over, at real-world rallies and in online participation, we’ve seen that RV enthusiasts are a remarkable community that’s worth getting to know.

So whether it’s face to face around a campfire or sharing tips online with fellow RVers who may be thousands of highway miles away, we recommend you take time in your travels to get to know some of your fellow motorhome fans.

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An early Spring?

Although Spring is still a few weeks away, many in the RV industry are acting as though they’ve been hit with a case of Spring Fever, if the mood at last week’s NTP Distribution show is any indication.

The mood and optimism in San Diego was palpable, and several people noted it appeared to be more optimistic than the attitude at the Stag-Parkway show in January, most likely because dealers had a few shows under their belt where they could gauge consumer confidence. Most RV shows so far this year have reported strong attendance and healthy sales.

I think the RV industry is ready for a breakout year.  Dealers are tired of “holding their own” and consumers are ready to get out and escape the day-to-day stress of life. I am encourage knowing that history repeatedly shows that the RV industry leads the nation out of recession.

Could that be happening this year? 

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Dixie RV seeks sales, F&I managers

(Feb. 23, 2012) — Dixie RV SuperStores in Hammond, La., and Defuniak Springs, Fla., have positions open for sales managers as well as finance and insurance managers. Candidates should be motivated, have high energy, a positive attitude and a strong desire for success.

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