Alabama dealer seeks sales pro, maintenance tech

(July 5, 2012) — Part-time RV salesperson needed at Bama RV in Dothan, Ala. Clean cut, honest and friendly are the major requirements. Commission only. The dealership also seeks an RV maintenance person to perform minor RV maintenance along with general yard/building maintenance, RV detailing, etc.

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Priceless Wisdom

Understanding Why Price Isn’t The Only Thing To Sell

By Chuck Marzahn

I hear it all the time.  “I’m getting killed by some internet low-baller.”  Or, “The customer these days only cares about price.”  It’s a time when money counts.  Everyone is aware of the value of a dollar today.  Few are aware what value means.  All customers want to gain value in any spending transaction. That concept is the root of the motivation to spend money in the first place.  If we don’t think that what we buy is worth more than the money we spend – we don’t do the deal.  Our job in sales, parts, and service is to build value so the customer is happy to give up the money.

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More nonsense for European businesses

When trying to figure out why Europe is having so many financial problems, you don’t have to look much further than a decision handed down today by Europe’s highest court. The Court of Justice of the European Union today ruled that workers who get sick when on vacation are entitled to take another vacation.

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Tired of learning the same lessons over and over?

I see a particular decision or problem-solving flaw in our shops on a regular basis. Please understand me clearly: I place great value on the mindset of a technician with regard to prosecuting, to a successful conclusion, any technical issue. That mindset, however, is not the proper way to find the best answer to most management issues. All the really good techs I’ve known over time have a black and white worldview. ‘It’s fixed or it isn’t.’ ‘This is the right way and all others are wrong.’ Techs will, over time, come to a very good and dependable set of actions that work most of the time. The problem with that mindset is it tends to be manipulative, polar and exclusive. From a management perspective these are deadly traits.

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Florida dealer seeks certified technician

(June 20, 2012) — Camper Corral of Highlands County in Sebring, Fla., is seeking an experienced, RVDA certified technician for immediate employment at their central Florida dealership. The company will also consider experienced, retired RV technicians who would like to work in Florida during the winter season. The dealership can provide onsite RV accommodations.

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There’s Excitement on the Road Ahead for FCCC and its Customers

Here at Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation, we’ve been excited about the SL Series chassis and its Detroit DD13® engine for a long time. Even before we unveiled it to the industry at the National RV Trade Show last fall, we were looking forward to putting this great piece of RV technology on the road and introducing it directly to our customers.

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Cash is still king

(June 14, 2012) — We, who are in the business of looking at dealership financial performance, don’t always share the same viewpoint when it comes to cash. There is one perspective I would very much like to share with you. It involves the changes in levels of cash a business has and the changes in the uses and sources of cash. To see those changes you will need some time to look at your balance sheet. As dealers, we spend a lot of time looking at the profit and loss or income statement. That’s fine. However, if you don’t spend time looking at your balance sheet, you will miss a deeper view of the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

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Perspective and Parallax

Nothing inspires us more quickly to judge another department’s performance in a negative way than the certain knowledge that we are right and they are wrong. Pause and critically consider if your truth lines up with actuality or just a perception.

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Paul Evert’s RV Country seeks technicians

(June 7, 2012) — Paul Evert’s RV Country is in need of RV service technicians. Applicants should be experienced in hitch work, brake controls and welding. RV certification is a plus. Top pay for techs experienced in electrical, plumping, eating, A/C systems or electronics. We are a flat rate shop and provide an uncapped income environment with full benefits including health insurance, vacation and 401K.

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The fraud behind Facebook “likes”

An article that appeared on a National Public Radio blog a few weeks ago clearly demonstrates the fraud behind Facebook “likes.” Designed by Facebook to be a show of support for a post, person, business, idea or product, scammers are taking over the likes function to pump up their companies without any genuine grassroots support for the company or the product.

Using people in third world countries who are simply paid to click on “like” buttons on certain Facebook accounts, people like Melen give companies — and prospective customers — the false impression that they curry far more favor with consumers than they really do.

When it comes to social media — to quote the Millennial Generation — to me it’s nothing more than “meh.”

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When It Comes to High Customer Expectations, FCCC Aims Higher

At Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation, we know that partnering with manufacturers of premium motorcoaches brings with it high expectations for customer service. And as part of Daimler AG – which is also the parent company to Mercedes-Benz – we understand raised expectations, and we’ve worked hard to put together a suite of services and technology to exceed them.

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Is Facebook Truly a Social Part of Our Lives?

With all of the buzz about the new “Facebook” initial public offering or IPO, I started to dig a little deeper into my own personal usage of this online media. I use the term online media instead of social network because I’m not convinced that people are really socializing  when using these networks.

When I socialize with friends and family, our topics range from things that happened in the past, current events and what the future will bring.  Depending on whom I am with, the boundaries and privacy of the conversation can expand or contract.  Who or what we talk about can be good, bad, or just plain gossip and hearsay. Many times, we even give and take advice from our friends and family on some very personal subjects.  But the online media is different; I rarely hear anyone complain or ask for personal advice. What I do see (and post) are “look what I just did” pictures or a quick phase of the day.

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Lazydays seeks techs in Florida

(May 14, 2012) — Lazydays is now hiring RV technicians to work at its pre-owned inventory lot in Seffner, Fla. Hourly rate is $16.80. Must have 2 to 3 years prior RV tech experience to pre-qualify for these positions.

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Tax loophole costs taxpayers billions

(May 10, 2012) — Indianapolis TV station WTHR has dropped a bombshell of a report concerning Indiana illegal workers who are collecting millions of dollars in tax refunds by claiming nieces and nephews living in Mexico as dependents. The reporter even interviewed the IRS inspector general who admitted he has been telling the agency about the problem for years, yet nothing is ever done.

The report cites the address of one mobile home being used on tax returns claiming four families live there with 20 children. However, the station gets the resident of the home to admit that not one of the children listed in the tax returns has ever lived at the home. The workers received a refund of $29,608.

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Maximum Value in Technical Capacity

Well… It finally happened.  I have seen more than a couple of stores with more revenue in the shop than from sales of units.  Wow, huh!? 

I’ve spent a lot of time mouthing words into dealers’ ears that they don’t have enough technical capacity; that is, too few techs.  Not having enough techs can cause a whole raft of issues.  I regularly hear complaints from dealers who don’t want to invest more in technical capacity.  Who’d have thought that the point would be made by the lack of sales in the recent downturn? 

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Regulators adopt new attitudes toward financing

(May 7, 2012) —  Recently, we attended a two-hour meeting where regulators and consumer advocate group attorneys were discussing the current and future state of the regulation of lenders. One of the key speakers, complete with power points, spewed forth on all the reasons that those that lend are going to hell when the regulators are done with them and they are allowed to die. With that understanding and realization, lenders should be better prepared to consider what their defensive posture should be.

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RV supplier seeks senior buyer

(May 3, 2012) — Purchasing professional with a minimum of 7 – 10 years proven success purchasing injection molded plastic components, tools extrusions (sheet and profile), value added plastic components and urethane foam. Experience developing strategies for best possible cost and value in purchased products; versed in contract negotiations, cost reduction and mitigation.

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North Carolina dealer seeks service advisor

(April 30, 2012) — Howard RV Center has a full-time, permanent (not seasonal) position open for a service advisor at its dealership in Wilmington, N.C. RV Service experience and high level people skills are required, IDS experience a plus.

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