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NTP-Stag 2019 Expo sets records

“We had high expectations going into the event,” Rogers explained. “The results were exactly what we hoped for – strong attendance, busy show floor, solid representation by leading suppliers in our market, and great sales.”

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Pittsburgh RV Show sets single-day attendance record

“The 2019 show closed with record numbers and brisk sales. The 16 dealers and 100-plus booth exhibitors were pleased with both attendance and sales, and a parts and accessory store on site saw a 12 percent sales increase. The outlook for the rest of the year looks bright,” said Young.

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TH2 joint venture names Daniel Hest CEO

TH2, a joint venture between Thor Industries and Tourism Holdings Limited, announced that it has named travel industry veteran Daniel Hest as its new CEO, succeeding Bob Wheeler who will return to focus on his role as President of Airstream, Inc. In his new role, Hest will be responsible for leading TH2 into the next phase of its growth and development.

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Driving self-storage add-on revenue with RV storage

As the self-storage landscape becomes ever more competitive, site operators are exploring all options for increasing business and market share, seeking ways to produce a better return on investment. One idea is to add the lucrative option of vehicle storage, namely for boats and RVs.

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Most popular safe-for-work icebreaker questions

At Know Your Team, we put a lot of thought — and more than four years worth of research and fine-tuning — into crafting get-to-know-you questions that would be as non-cheesy as possible, and elicit meaningful and memorable responses from the team.

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RBC Economics summarizes 2019 Davos summit

“The prospects can be unnerving, but I came away encouraged, with more clarity about how transformative technologies and a new generation of thinking can take our world into the next stage of globalization, and make it more decent, democratic and distributed,” said McKay.

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Will auto dealers, hotels enter the RV market?

There was a story published today on the New Atlas blog site announcing Ford would start selling Class B motorhomes this spring through auto dealerships in Europe. I found the story intriguing for a number of reasons, and wondered what impact that could have on the North American RV market should automakers here see a similar opportunity. This type of arrangement has potential to really shake up the American RV market.

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Hymer is not planning additional layoffs

Employees at Erwin Hymer Group have been given some clarity as they still face an uncertain future, CTV News reported. The company told employees yesterday that there are no layoffs planned in the next few months.

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The best and worst winter states for outdoor recreation

(Jan. 25, 2019) — GoAllOutdoors.com has ranked the best and worst winter states in the U.S. for outdoor recreation. The rankings were created through research and analysis from multiple data sources covering climate, public land and geographical features. Each category given a defined weight in the ranking data.

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