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Hymer shipped uncertified products to dealers

Documents filed in court state the running gear on the Touring trailers (including the axle, brakes, hitch and the breakaway device that activates the trailer’s brakes if it comes loose from the tow vehicle) had not yet been tested for Canadian Standards Association (CSA) compliance, The Record reported.

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Judge throws wrench in Hymer creditors’ plan to slow sales process

According to a court filing released today, KS2, a creditor owed more than $7 million by EHGNA, informed the court it has retained counsel and sought to form a creditor committee. KS2 objected to the expedited sales process for a number of reasons, but singled out the “short time frame” for the pending sale of company assets.

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Outdoorsy partners with Liberty Mutual to offer RV rental insurance

Outdoorsy (outdoorsy.com), an RV rental and outdoor experiences marketplace, announced its new partnership with Liberty Mutual. This partnership includes three levels of RV rental insurance allowing owners and renters to travel throughout the U.S. and Canada in motorhomes, campervans, caravans, travel trailers and adventure vehicles.

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NTP-Stag expo heads to Texas in January

“It’s an incredibly easy place to get to no matter where you are coming from, and the weather in January tends to be more predictable and less severe than more northern and remote locations,” said Spaulding.

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In Podcast 233, Brenner tells how Rollick uses tech to help connect dealers to buyers

This week’s guest is Bernie Brenner, the CEO of Rollick. It is a company that merges technology with core business practices to help dealers close more sales and better understand what really motivates their customers and prospects. Because each consumer is different, how is it possible to know what they expect? Rollick helps dealers take advantage of data to know who their customers are and to build trust early in the relationship.

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Opinion: If nothing changes, nothing changes

In the American RV industry, people move from one company to another, or get fired from one firm and wind up working at another a few weeks or months later. Consolidation contributes further to the undiluted gene pool of new faces and new ideas. One company’s failed attempt or bad hiring decision becomes another firm’s hope for the future.

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Marketing matters: Are you YouTubing?

Not only do videos show a customer a visual with impact that just can’t be duplicated, but the stats prove that they’re more effective than a typical website. Videos have 41% higher click-through and are showing up as much as 50 times higher on Google search results than websites.

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