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Go RV Rentals publishes guide for newcomers

“We want everyone considering RVing to enjoy their road trip as much as we do,” Kosofsky said. “Nothing is quite like the sense of freedom and adventure you get from traveling to interesting places in an RV.”

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SOAR Act to reduce permitting hassles on federal lands

“Whether you are biking or kayaking, fishing, hunting, ATVing or riding, guides and outfitters play a key role in how Americans access the outdoors,” said Wahl. “The antiquated process that these businesses, nonprofits, and education institutions have to go through to get people outside needs to be reformed.”

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Bob Hansen talks about pets and playgrounds on Podcast 242

Bob Hansen, with Pet & Playground, describes options campgrounds have when it comes to designing unique, marketable play and exercise areas for families camping with pets and children. The firm helps campgrounds move from being “pet friendly” or “child friendly” to creating an environment that conveys an opportunity for every member of a family to have an enjoyable experience. The firm also helps campgrounds create common areas and premium patio sites.

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Author John Hebard reveals marriage-saving tactic on Campfire Connection

Today’s guest is John Hebard, an RVer from Kansas City who took an unusual route to save a troubled marriage. Rather than separating, he and his wife, Laura, bought and RV and started traveling the country together.

During the process, they rediscovered what made them fall in love in the first place. They also got to experience some memorable adventures along the way. So, rather than becoming another divorce statistic, the Hebards decided on a plan that was quite-possibly the most insane thing they could have come up with.

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RVIA to promote campground modernization

RVIA’s government affairs team has taken a multi-pronged approach: working collaboratively with the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, while also setting up our own individual meetings with members of Congress and policymakers at the Departments of Interior, Agriculture and Commerce.

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Outdoor Recreation Roundtable partners with AARP

To start, AARP is encouraging seniors to get outdoors and walk 30 minutes a day, every day, as part of their second annual “Fit and Fun Challenge.” Throughout June, there will be events across the country representing an array of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, boating, fishing, camping and service.

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Lead handling subject of keynote at RVDA convention

During the workshop, Meaghan Cooper will demonstrate how a lead should be handled from the start, down to the final stages of the customer’s buying cycle. She will discuss internet leads generated through the internet, floor traffic, and referrals.

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Torklift unveils new doorframe-mounted GlowStep Revolution

The countdown also revealed the release of the PowerArmor Lithium locking battery box, the Cannon trailer hitch receiver for 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty trucks, the SuperHitch Hero 15k trailer hitch for Ford F150 trucks and the Universal Dirt Destroyer shoe cleaning attachment for any RV step.

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Opinion: Should the American flag be used for marketing?

Camping World has found a marketing niche by flying supersized flags over almost all of its locations. They stand out. They draw attention to what’s underneath. They make it easy to find Camping World or Gander RV stores. But, should businesses be allowed to fly flags of every conceivable size in the name of patriotism?

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