Most popular safe-for-work icebreaker questions

At Know Your Team, we put a lot of thought — and more than four years worth of research and fine-tuning — into crafting get-to-know-you questions that would be as non-cheesy as possible, and elicit meaningful and memorable responses from the team.

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Exploring Alaska’s inside passage

Yes, RVers have discovered the Inside Passage and the popularity is due to the natural beauty of the scenery as they travel along the coastline whether they get on a ferry in Washington or British Columbia or embark in Alaska to head south.

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Eating my way through America

One of the benefits of travel is to visit different regions of the country, each of which offers a unique style of food. I have learned to avoid the big national chain restaurants whenever possible to zero in on establishments that are unique to that area.

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Campground etiquette: Manners make memories – Part 1

Last year, I posted something on Facebook asking people to provide examples of horrible campground etiquette — those obnoxious actions of others that take the fun out of RVing. I was blown away by the response. There were close to 1,000 comments posted to the threads. Apparently, I had struck a nerve.

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What’s your kryptonite?

Just as we have specific strengths, talents and skills, we also have very specific weaknesses, too. They work like kryptonite to zap our strengths, just like the mineral does for Superman.

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The power of culture: How to attract amazing people

“Because culture is our number one priority, we’re willing to give up short-term profits or revenue growth to make sure we have the best culture. In fact, after orientation we offer people $2,000 not to work at Zappos. The ones who stay are right for our culture,” Hsieh said.

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Sewer tank panic: Learning lessons the hard way

As the lights on the tank monitor turned from green to yellow then quickly to red, I knew by the stunned look on my husband’s face, that there was a problem. Never mind that this particular genius of an idea went against what all the manufacturers recommended and what all the experts advised.

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To climb or not to climb — your RV ladder, that is

Before using a roof ladder, you should examine it for bent arms, bent mounting brackets, and loose screws or bolts. If you pull on the ladder and the wall moves with the ladder, then the ladder is probably mounted only to the fiberglass, with no metal or wood support behind it.

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Tara Sage helps others on the path to a nomadic lifestyle

“Of course, if what you want is to commute to a corporate job and commit to the 30-year mortgage, that’s fine — if it’s your dream,” said Sage. “But if it isn’t, then it’s time to ask some hard questions and make some changes,” she added. “Stop waiting for later or someday to live your dreams and chart your own course. Life is way too short to be lived that way.”

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How to survive an RV show

Depending on the size of the show, there could be well more than a thousand RVs of every type, and hundreds of vendors all vying for your attention. Without some up front preparation, your show experience could be quite disappointing.

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The secret to a joyful life: Guard your heart

It is critically important that we watch our thoughts. What we allow into our minds and, more importantly, what we allow ourselves to dwell upon, has a major impact on our actions today and our ultimate destiny. Everything we do flows from the heart.

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Understanding the RV sales process

While a salesperson who does this for a living may approach a transaction more professionally and methodically, there is no reason for RV buyers to feel pressure or feel rushed and not enjoy the experience. You are buying a product to have fun and make memories. That starts with the buying experience.

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These RV drivers belong in the Hall of Fame

Driving an RV is no easy feat, especially when dealing with hazardous conditions. It’s no sweat for these talented drivers, who handle their situation like pros. Check out these impressive videos from drivers who belong in the RV hall of fame.

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