WINs promote active RV lifestyle

“We don’t like the idea of spending a lot of money when we’re sleeping. So rather than pay $40 to $50 for a campground, we look for the least expensive places to stay,” said Magee. “Our members would rather spend their money on food, entertainment, tours and recreation instead of on a campground experience.”

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An inspiring way to share encouragement

The frail, elderly woman did not preach an in-your-face gospel message. She wasn’t condemning people for their choices, beliefs, attitudes or words. But, she was sharing God’s word in a way that truly reminded Christians of what they possess, and enticed others to learn more about God and Jesus.

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Living large in 188 square feet

Two years ago, in December, they followed their wanderlust desires, after realizing that their jobs — Mandy Holesh is a wedding photographer and Kevin Holesh is an app developer — allowed them to work from anywhere. The millennial couple turned in the keys to their favorite Pittsburgh apartment and set out on the open road.

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RV Wi-Fi: Roam wherever you want to

For checking emails and casual use of the internet it can be great. At night, however, when everyone is trying to post their day to Facebook and Twitter, or binge watch last season’s AMC breakthrough series, campground Wi-Fi gets bogged down and often comes to a halt altogether.

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My most embarrassing mistake as an RV newbie

Many times when people buy a new or even used RV, they are handed a box of manuals, pamphlets, brochures and papers. Then someone pats them on the back and wishes them luck on their adventure. Even if you took the time to read all those manuals, you’re still prone to making newbie mistakes. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? That’s why experience is often the best teacher.

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Online reviews can make or break your business

Eight out of 10 people state that negative information found online made them change their mind about a purchasing decision, and 49% of consumers said they need to see at least a four-star rating before they choose to do business with a company.

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How GAP marketing benefits RV businesses

Whether it is expert advice from marketing authorities, conversations that lead to conversions, or a time-tested leads system, Gap Marketing helps RV dealerships fill the gap between the dealership’s website hundreds of shoppers that visit the site.

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The test of insignificance

Prosperity without pain. It sounds wonderful. But many people forget the painful, often arduous little steps along the way that prepared the recipient to receive prosperity. The test for significance always comes through our response to the insignificant matters put before us.

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RVers enjoy Canada’s wildlife from coast to coast

Whether searching for whales off the coast of British Columbia, free range bison in Saskatchewan, grizzlies in the Yukon, snow geese in Quebec or wolves in Ontario there’s no doubt visitors are in awe by what they can see. Not only is Canada’s wildlife exceptional, their natural habitat is off the charts inspiring.

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21st century RVing: Apps make maintenance simple

Luckily, there are options available that simplify RV maintenance and management. With the ever-increasing presence of the Internet and productivity capabilities via cloud technology and WI-Fi, RV maintenance is as easy as streaming music from your smartphone.

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Relive your childhood with these vintage retro RVs

If you’ve been bitten by the nostalgia bug, check out these retro RV models. The following list includes cherished favorites and old school designs that will transport you back to the time of bell bottoms and the pet rock. Relive your childhood with these super vintage RV models.

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