RVers enjoy Canada’s wildlife from coast to coast

Whether searching for whales off the coast of British Columbia, free range bison in Saskatchewan, grizzlies in the Yukon, snow geese in Quebec or wolves in Ontario there’s no doubt visitors are in awe by what they can see. Not only is Canada’s wildlife exceptional, their natural habitat is off the charts inspiring.

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21st century RVing: Apps make maintenance simple

Luckily, there are options available that simplify RV maintenance and management. With the ever-increasing presence of the Internet and productivity capabilities via cloud technology and WI-Fi, RV maintenance is as easy as streaming music from your smartphone.

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Relive your childhood with these vintage retro RVs

If you’ve been bitten by the nostalgia bug, check out these retro RV models. The following list includes cherished favorites and old school designs that will transport you back to the time of bell bottoms and the pet rock. Relive your childhood with these super vintage RV models.

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Five top RV travel hacks

RV travel is flexible and exciting, but it can also be a complicated and expensive way to see the sights. There are quite a few things you can do to keep the costs down and make the trip go more smoothly. Here are five hacks to help you toward those goals.

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Four things unhappy campers won’t tell RV park owners

Simply asking, “What bugs you about this campground?” yields a wealth of information unavailable from an online survey. After staying at more than 300 campgrounds across the United States, here are four areas (and simple solutions) where guests wish campground owners would improve.

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Advantages, tips for attending an RV show

Large RV shows with multiple dealers and vendors can be a bit daunting, but if you put on your comfortable shoes and take advantage of all the great things they offer, you can accomplish a lot. Here are some of the advantages of attending an RV show:

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10 places RVers should avoid at all costs

Sometimes, your RV road trip takes you on the highway to hell. The following locations present a difficult challenge for even the savviest of RV drivers thanks to things like bad weather, congested traffic and high costs.

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How to write compelling ads to sell your RV online

Even though people want to sell their current RV quickly in order to get a new one, they often don’t put enough time into preparing their ad. As a result, it turns up poorly in search listings. This leads to no calls and no messages about the RV.

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